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Pete Buttigieg has once again been caught lying about his support from a black leader or celebrity as he desperately tries to prove that Black people love ‘Petey So White’.


Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who has failed in numerous polls to get even one black person to choose him as their top candidate.

Once again had to walk back a claim that he had received the endorsement of actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. From ABC News:

When Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg touted support from African American comedian and actor Keegan-Michael Key last week, his campaign was forced just hours later to clarify that the actor had not officially endorsed the former South Bend mayor, telling reporters he [Key] only sought to “encourage early voting and voter registration.”


Last week, Pete Buttigieg wrote an op-ed in a major South Carolina newspaper saying his campaign has “proudly partnered with local businesses,” citing Diane’s Kitchen in Chester and Atlantis Restaurant in Moncks Corner.

But when ABC News reached out to the entrepreneurs about these new partnerships, they only remembered welcoming Buttigieg’s campaign as customers, not forging any sort of partnership with the candidate.

“I stand for what I stand for and I didn’t say I had a partnership,” Diane Cole, the owner of Diane’s Kitchen, told ABC News on Friday, Feb. 14.

After being asked by ABC News about Cole’s reaction, the campaign sent a series of messages to Cole trying to persuade her to change her position so it would more closely match the language Buttigieg used in his op-ed.

One version misspelled her name.


In November, the Buttigieg campaign published a list of black supporters in South Carolina, which included three black leaders and hundreds of other supporters.

The three leaders highlighted were City Councilwoman Tameika Devine, state Rep. Ivory Thigpen, and state Democratic Black Caucus Chairman Johnnie Cordero

The problem is, of those three leaders all said they had not endorsed Buttigieg.

Even worse, many of the names on the list were shown multiple times — and about 40% of the names were white people.

Pete Buttigieg keeps claiming that more blacks are supporting him every day… Um, I guess he’s not lying.

For months on end, numerous polls from both the left and right showed Lil’ Petey garnering a big fat 0% in African American support.

But according to a January Fox News poll, Pete Buttigieg now has a whopping 2% support among black voters.

As far as Pete Buttigieg claiming that ‘more blacks are supporting me every day,‘ that seems closer to a Hillary Clinton like skewing of reality than anything else.

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