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by Randall Nozick:

It’s after nightfall again. I get to sit quietly and reflect on the day. I get to ponder the sensational news headlines popping off like cheap bottle rockets and factor them into The Formula. The Formula tells me what’s happening on a grand scale. It has never really been “wrong”. It isn’t made that way. It has collected data on undesirable paths along multiple possible outcomes, however.

Tonight is unsettling because today was a wrong turn. Today provided an opportunity for the swelling, heaving masses of reactionaries to choose a path of “my grandparents would have known better” instead of acting like scared little children in the face of a completely harmless “Monster”. Their grandparents would have simply understood the word “unprooven” means “does not matter because it can not be acted upon”. The swelling, heaving masses took accusations as facts and bought into the new narrative that “trial by public opinion” can produce a verdict. (I guess we can stop moving trials to other cities because of tainted juries now.)

The Monster was a contrived perception of alignment with wrong-doing. The Monster was contrived because it had no monster-like attributes. It did not have substance or teeth or claws or any other menacing means of destruction. It was the same as any other machination of a child’s imagination hiding in a dark place under a bed or in a closet, unavailable for inspection or proof of substance. This Monster was an adult version of a prank one plays on oneself in the silent darkness of a child’s bed at night. This Monster was just some “accusations of sexual impropriety” and how not believing shaky accusations was itself an endorsement of sexual impropriety. It had no power until irrational fear gave it power.

Of course I’m talking about the Alabama special election. The bottle rocket reporting is pushing the next big play by Democrats and RINOs against Trump: If unproven accusations against Moore could cost him an election, they’re good enough to impeach Trump. As a colleague of mine very eloquently explained, the political inner workings of Alabama are complicated. There were a lot of not-so-obvious reasons the Democrat lap dog won, but the Left’s war machine has a lot invested in gathering accusations, so they are not interested in the deeper reasons.

The next play is to double down on the media blitz and try to push for the entire nation to fear the Monster With No Teeth: Supporting Trump is evidence of being a sexual predator yourself. You might even hear someone say those words, but for the most part, it will be a growing innuendo just loud enough to get under one’s skin.

There isn’t any glowing proof out there to convict Trump of actually being a sexual predator or we would have seen lawsuits and payoffs from his impressive fortune being sought and won. Instead, the hot mic recording will get paraded endlessly with the assertion that “Trump admitted he assaulted women”. Grab some popcorn and listen to the recording. He did no such thing.

I’m going to violate Man Code™ and reveal that I have had similar discussions with my brother because that’s what brothers do as a form of competitive grandstanding, but neither of us have ever, or would ever, assault a woman. We are from the old school culture of always being ready to “defend a woman’s honor”. (I guess that makes us sexist in the Liberal Newspeak?)

Now I’m going to move into the uncomfortable part of the discussion. Let’s examine the premise of The Left’s new pet monster: Women are oppressed and not taken seriously when they report being sexually assaulted. Further, if a woman reports a sexual assault and is asked to prove it, not taking her word for it is also an assault.

Isn’t that convenient? Not only should we accept all accusations without evidence, but expecting something to be proven is in itself a crime! Game over. Except each of us can clearly see how this plays out if allowed to stand. Any woman, for any reason, can simply say she was “assaulted”, which is now defined as basically any form of interpersonal interaction, and remove any barrier. I wonder how long it will take for this ploy to be attempted against another woman? More popcorn, but I digress.

How can I “belittle” such accusations? Because I’m not a sheepish little tool, that’s how. I realize I just painted a bullseye on my back by enumerating some simple truths, but let’s go deeper now that the raging feminists have stopped reading. It’s time for a tall glass of ice cold reality.

Point one: Culture is always evolving. This decade has different standards of behavior than the last. This century certainly has different standards than the last. Compare 2017 to 1017 if you want to really grasp how the definition of a “good guy” has changed. Using words (not actions) from 2005 to judge character in 2017 is invalid.

Point two: People rise to their office. I very clearly remember about 20 years ago when I took a summer job at a carpet mill, the standard of conduct was such that Trump’s hot mic quote was similar to things I heard women say to men. I blended into the environment and made my own outrageously sexually aggressive statements, but later in the same year, as I dined with some of the stuffiest insurance actuaries in the Midwest, I had no trouble avoiding humor of any kind and loosening the grip of my handshake to fit the situation. I’m guessing all the real people out there can relate.

Point three: This is where it gets really politically incorrect. Trump’s hot mic statements were very general and constrained by the context of playing a tasteless round of the buddy-buddy game, not advice for America at large about every single woman in America. In my life’s experience, his words were actually true. Does that disturb you? It should not. Men and women alike can use whatever means they choose to accomplish whatever their goals. Women generalize over sexual interest just as much as men with the most popular categories being “physically strong”, “otherwise powerful”, “good looking”, “intelligent”, and flat out “rich”. This is the observation from my personal experience, and if you cut the crap, probably yours too. It is not every woman, but if I had to generalize, this is what I’ve seen.

Point four: Who cares? There’s no evidence of a crime, so that leaves the rest of the discussion limited to character. Trump’s character has had a full year to play out and here’s what I see: He’s trying to do a job under tough conditions and he’s fighting like a beast to make good on his campaign promises. And it’s working. The economy is smoking hot, people are getting back to work, and, despite the constant resistance by Republicans reluctant to give up their political empires, he’s checking off his campaign promises. I admire the job he’s doing because it must be exhausting and infuriating, but he does it anyway and he does it fearlessly. Do you think you would have the fortitude to order the first-ever audit of the Pentagon? I have to wonder if I would, but I have no doubt it needs to be done.

So what are we even talking about? Why are we reconsidering support for the man who is proving his real metal as he fights for us? Is it only because the Left and their bullhorns keep whipping us with some things he said years ago at a different time in his life to support accusations no one can seem to prove which are themselves suspect in their outrageously late timing?

I guess I’m a good little citizen because I took the bait. I reconsidered. Thank God I have the clarity to see I was right when I voted for Trump and I am still right to support him today.

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