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It’s would be laughable, except for how repugnant it is. Last week, TuskerDaily was reporting how Nancy Pelosi and her ‘Defund The Police,’ Democrats were suddenly embracing the very same National Guard troops who some Democrats like Maxine Waters screeched were part of ‘Trump’s Gestapo military’
Despite just two weeks ago the Democrats seized on every opportunity to get their picture taken with these very same National Guardsmen.
But nary a word was spoken by Nancy Pelosi or any other Democrat after the Capitol Police ordered the troops to leave the Capitol building where they had been sleeping on the floor for the past two weeks.
But in typical politician fashion. HOURS AFTER Politico broke the story, only then did some Democrats leap to their supposed rescue, while speaking out against this ‘outrage’.
Thankfully, once America became aware of the Capitol Police’s insanity, They reversed course amid the public outcry.

Someone In The DC Capitol Police Needs To Be Fired!

As TuskerDaily reported last week, over 26,000 National Guard troops were flown and bussed to the US capital from all around the country after the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.
These National Guardsmen were forced to sleep on the floor of the Capitol building after being suddenly being ordered to Washington D.C. to protect those brave and bold Democrats screeching about needing protection from the supposed Trump mob.

But the sudden, and unprecedented military surge, which made Washington, DC look more like Fallujah, had no time to set up housing to accommodate such a large force.

But after Joe Biden’s inauguration day came and went without any of the public disturbances that the media spent a week hyperventilated about. or the criminality that  America witnessed in 2017 when former President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

Somebody in the US Capitol Police decided it was high time they kicked these National Guardsmen to the curb.

The troops who for two weeks had suffered silently from shortages of restrooms, sockets to charge devices, exhaust fumes, overcrowding, and other issues.

Understandably, were left feeling humiliated, used, and betrayed by the very politicians they swore to protect.

One such soldier told Miltary News site Task & Purpose:

“It’s f**ked up because it just shows how politicians really feel about the National Guard.

Leaving our families for the last two weeks to come down here … it’s certainly important and historic, but the day after the inauguration you kick us literally to the curb? Come on, man.”

Another soldier interviewed by the Military Times half-heartedly joked: “The next time DC calls, we will let it go to voicemail,”

Capitol Police Tells National Guard: Sorry, NOT Sorry

Hours after the story was first broken by Politico – and seemingly with quite a few phone calls involved.

the Capitol Police apologized to the Guardsmen and allowed them back into the Capitol Building.

“Because of the MASSIVE backlash over this, we are now being allowed back into the Senate building,” a soldier told Military Times. “We’re going to make a big show of marching back into the building.”

It remains unclear why the troops were kicked out from the Capitol in the first place, the incident has exposed the Capitol Police to fresh criticism.

Capitol Police leaders were already under fire due to their failure to anticipate the Capitol riot and dispatch enough troops to prevent rioters from breaking into the national legislature.

Chief Steven Sund resigned after the January 6 fiasco.

The National Guard issued a statement saying that it may take up to 10 days to complete the DC drawdown.

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  1. I see a lot of similarities between the mid 18th century and what’s happening today. While I would have preferred that those who stormed the Capitol building had been more disciplined and focused, I see the insurrection as a modern day version of the Boston Tea Party.The response by the powers that be are the same as well; tough rhetoric, calling in the troops, cracking down on we the people, rather than addressing or even acknowledging our grievances. It seems like that “long train of abuses and usurpations has left the station.
    Best be careful how you treat those troops,democRATS, you just might need them in the near future.

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