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by Linda Barton:

With all the hustle in DC to get the Government funded before the deadline, we are hearing the normal cries from the Democrats of how will the Republican Tax Plan PAY for the intended tax cuts. I happen to find that charge from the Democrats quite amusing. Let’s step back a moment and take a look at the full picture.

The United States Government collects billions of dollars in taxes from the American people every year to pay for our obligations. Over the years, the government has bloated to a point where if they were to take every single penny from the American Taxpayer, it still would not be enough to pay for everything.

How is that possible, you ask?  Well, it’s because those in government don’t seem to believe one should live within their means. Nope, they seem to believe as long as they still have checks, they aren’t overdrawn. Well, I hate to tell them, their account is not only overdrawn, but is in fact, on the verge of being closed.

The American people are tired of being told to tighten our belts, while those in government continue with their wild spending spree at OUR expense. It’s time for the government to live by the same rules, We, the people, do each and every day. If we find ourselves short of funds, we cut spending.  If there is less money coming into the bank, we cut the money needed to go out.  We don’t wonder how we’re going to pay for cutting our spending. We don’t say, “Well, it could hurt the cable company’s feelings if I turned off the movie channels.” Nope, we cancel that service until such a time we can afford it again. We don’t go out an buy a fancy new car when our older one is still running if we can’t justify the extra expense. No, we live within our means. We don’t write checks that can’t be cashed because they’ll bounce to the moon.

However, those in charge of our money in government, do not live by those rules. They will spend our tax dollars like a drunken fool on things that do not benefit the majority of the American people.  They send billions to countries who hate us. They give out billions in loans and then NEVER require it be paid-back. They waste it on special interest projects, such as grants for foolish things like giving over $100,000 for a study to learn why a child falls off a bicycle. They could have saved that money and just asked any parent. The payout billions in welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and refugees, while hard-working Americans go without. There are countless entitlements the government wastes our money on every year.

So, now I return to the question I asked at earlier… How do you pay for a Tax Cut? You don’t. You cannot pay for saving money. You cut spending because you can no longer afford to pay for something.  You decide what is necessary and what is not. You get rid of the wasteful spending, tighten your belt, and move on. It’s really quite simple.

So, whenever you hear a politician say, “How are you going to pay for that tax cut,” they are really saying, “We don’t want to cut spending, so send us more of YOUR hard-earned money.” If you or I were to run our household budget that way, we’d be bankrupt and tossed out on the street. We need to let those we elect know we are tired of being their personal ATM. Our tax dollars were NEVER meant to pay for their special interest buddies. We’ve entrusted them to be good stewards of our money. It’s time they realized that fact.

What are your thoughts on how our lawmakers use the money taken from the American taxpayer?

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