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The left-wing media is desperately reaching in to their bag of tricks again. In 2016, they skewed the polling in order to make Hillary look stronger than she really was, to try and make sure she was elected. Now liberal outlet CBS is tilting the scales in Joe Biden’s favor, by oversampling Democrats and reporting how he’s leading Trump in the polls.

How is CBS doing this? They’re polling a larger sampling of Democrats than Republicans (a “self identifying” question is always included in these polls, asking the respondent to indicate their party affiliation), oh let’s say 8 percent higher, then releasing poll results saying that Biden is ahead of Trump by 8 points!! That’s why the polls are useless, especially today.

I don’t care what political party you belong to since this election is going to have very little to do with politics. For those people who hadn’t been paying attention under the Obama Administration, America WAS in bad shape. Our economy was in the toilet, our unemployment rate was skyrocketing while our GDP was plummeting. We were overrun with illegals and always under an ever-present threat of violent attacks by radical Muslims. But then President Trump was elected into office and things took a dramatic turn for the BETTER! Pre-Coronavirus, our economy was booming, as was our GDP and unemployment was at an all time low. President Trump has accomplished so much more than any other POTUS, all while taking vicious attacks from the left and even surviving a ludicrous attempt of Impeachment. They hate this President so much that they are willing to see America crash and burn, rather than trying to come together and HELP their American Constituents!

Which begs the ONE central question that underscores our next Presidential election: Why would ANYONE support Joe Biden, the candidate who represents the bad Obama policies that put our country in the downward spiral it was in?! The man can’t even make one cohesive sentence and has all the signs and symptoms of Dementia or early onset Alzheimers. How anyone could actually support him does not make sense at all! Especially after all his blunders and insensitive racist remarks- hello “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me”! Really Joe?!

If Joe Biden is elected President, he will expand “entitlement” programs, open the floodgate to foreign refugees including ISIS operatives, and pass the kind of gun control laws that take guns from law abiding citizen’s hands, and do nothing about the guns that the thugs are using to kill each other and innocent bystanders as well. Look at how well the gun laws in Chicago are working and you’ll see how effective they are!! He will undo every positive thing President Trump has done and we will be living in the “Obama” years once again. ISIS will come back bigger and stronger than ever if we allow a spineless, weak leader like sleepy Joe back into office!

Leadership comes from the top, so before casting your vote in November, you need to ask yourself one question: Do you want to continue to live in a nation under President Trump’s policies OR do you want to relive the past under Obama’s failed policies?! If you ask the majority of Americans they will tell you they do NOT want the Obama failed leadership and horrible economy back! We want AMERICA FIRST… We want TRUMP!!!

So I say- to hell with those biased polls! Right Hillary?!

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