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by Daveda Gruber:

Anthony Borges, age 15, was shot five times while shielding classmates during last month’s Florida high school massacre.

His father said, on Friday Anthony Borges went back in intensive care after an “emergency operation.”

Borges used his body as a barrier to protect 20 other students during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

The horrifying attack left 17 people dead.

While gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the school, Borges ran alongside a group of students toward an open classroom.

Borges was the last to enter the room and stopped to lock the door. While he did this he was shot five times in the legs and back.

In spite of the injuries, Borges was able to use his body to shield his classmates as he finished securing the door.

Ever since the shooting, Borges has been recovering in the hospital. His father, Royer Borges, provided a recent update on Facebook saying his son needed emergency surgery  and may need to go under the knife several times more  to treat an infection.

Borges wrote, “Our son, Anthony had to be rushed into an emergency operation after days of showing signs of a possible infection in his abdomen. After an MRI, the doctors noted that yes, a section of his intestines had a small infection due to the type of bullet and the expansive hole it made in his body. That’s when doctors decided to operate and cut a section of his small intestine, so my son, Tony’s life, [sic] would not be compromised. It might take three or four more surgeries during these days to come as they assure me they have to clean him out and that all his organs are out of danger. I am grateful for all the support given and please do not forget to pray for me and my family.”

The surgery, which stretched from Wednesday night into Thursday, has the teenager in critical condition.

Following the surgery, Borges was put in a medically induced coma.

Borges came to South Florida from Venezuela three years ago. He was a Boy Scout and well-known for his soccer skills. He played as a forward and trained with F.C. Barcelona’s youth academy near Fort Lauderdale.

Borges’ family was the first to announce their intent to sue Broward County officials for money to cover costs of his recovery.

More than $630,000 has been raised for Borges on a ‘GoFundMe’ page.

Another fund was set up by a nonprofit organization ‘No More Tears USA’.

The organization’s founder, Somy Ali, said the nonprofit has put security deposits down to pay for a house. The family lives in a four-story apartment building. With Borges’ injuries, it would make it difficult to travel up and down the stairs.

We wish Anthony Borges a speedy recovery. He is a brave young man and a hero.

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