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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

This could be the hottest July on record for the Democrats and Liberal Left.  During World War II, as the American bombers would approach their targets, the closer they got, the heavier the flak they would receive.

We have seen in recent months, weeks and days the Left tossing all kinds of flak up; hoping to shoot down this administration; in an attempt to discredit President Trump.  Why?  Because he is starting to hover over the target.

Just in the past week, you have seen the Liberal left throwing up everything they can find in hopes of shooting down any of the bombs getting ready to be unleashed on them.

As hearings opened this week with OIG Horowitz., FBI Director Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, not to mention the behind door hearings with Peter Strzok, flak could be seen and heard exploding everywhere.   From Mad Max inciting radicals to get in the face of members of President Trump’s Administration, to threats from celebrities, protest over illegal children,  hysteria over Kennedy stepping down, to even a shooting at the Capital Gazette; all attempts to distract from the real story and threat to our country.

In just the first week of July you are going to see the first run of bombs drop as the Patriot Plane passes over its first targets.  This coming week I believe you will hear that a plea bargain has been reached with Imran Awan, the IT guy involved in the Wasserman-Shultz’s espionage case.  This will be YUGE folks, as it is revealed how an un-vetted enemy agent was granted unfettered access to the DNC server and congressional computers.

Also, in the next week Rod Rosenstein will either have to put up and face impeachment or provide the documents that unravels the F.B.I., DOJ, and the Robert Mueller investigation.

In addition, there could be some very interesting revelations concerning Seth Rich, Julian Assange, the DNC server and the real Russian leak this coming week.  Some real fireworks to be sure.

Later in July we could also see some real proof of collusion between Hitlery Clinton, BHO and the Uranium One deal with Russia after President Trump returns from his meet with Vladimir Putin.

We could witness this July, America’s second independence from tyranny and evil.  We may hear the bells of freedom ring.  We may see the scales of justice receive a long overdue calibration.

And if that wasn’t enough, between now and November, we could see some very big names implicated, indicted and brought to justice in the greatest child trafficking and pedophile ring  ever uncovered.  Winning, Winning, Winning!  It never grows old.

So, grab your favorite lawn chair, sit back with a cold one, and watch the fireworks begin.  Happy Independence Day everybody.


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