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A massive group of demonstrators gathered at Wisconsin’s state Capitol to protest Governor Tony Evers’ stay-at-home order – imposed to stem the spread of Covid-19 – in what appears to be the largest anti-lockdown action to date.

Democrat Governor Evers extended Wisconsin’s “safer at home” order last week, with the containment measures now set to expire on May 26.

Republican lawmakers attempted to block the extension earlier this week, filing a lawsuit calling for an injunction against the policy, but the courts have yet to grant the request.

Wisconsin workers continue to take a beating under the Democrat governor’s lockdown, seeing far worse unemployment numbers than at the height of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Evers lockdown extension motivated over 1,500 people to descend on Madison to call for a repeal of the containment measures, according to the Wisconsin Capitol Police.

Spurred on by the economic pain inflicted under the lockdown, the protest comes as hundreds of thousands of residents are out of a job, or around one in eight workers.

Carrying a vibrant array of flags, signs, and banners, the protestors made their presence known outside of the shuttered Capitol building.

Though they were denied a permit to hold the protest earlier this week, the event’s planners went ahead regardless, with one organizer stating she was “willing to risk citation” in order to be heard.

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