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Twitter’s uninformed, unhinged liberal leftist mob is having a field day mocking President Trump over the supposedly just unveiled U.S. Space Force uniform…

Except the liberal mob got suckered by a fake graphic.

Some of the liberal mob’s twittering twits mocked the uniforms for looking like a bad flight attendant uniform.

While other liberals losing their poop compare the Space Force uniforms to the East German police force.

Unfortunately, for the uneducated leftist Twitter mob, ridiculing President Trump.

The graphic that purportedly shows the denim-colored uniforms with an oversized pocket near the left lapel, silver-gray trim on the jacket line, and a high-waisted belt with a large buckle featuring Polaris, or the North Star, which officials have said signifies the Space Force’s “core value, our guiding light“…Isn’t Real

Twitter Mob Get’s Fooled By Supposed Space Force Uniform

US Space Force Uniforms

According to a Space Force spokesperson who told

On Tuesday, Maj. Nick Mercurio sent an email stating:

“The uniform graphic being shared on social media is not an official U.S. Space Force uniform design concept.

The Space Force service dress uniform is still in development.”

When It Comes Facts, The Social Media Mob Couldn’t Care Less


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