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On March 5th, the Oregon Supreme Court sided with NRA on several points in a challenge against Initiative Petition 40, finding the title and “yes” result statement inadequate to alert voters of the changes proposed to the law.

It will now be sent back to Oregon’s Attorney General for modification.

Oregon State NRA Director Keely Hopkins Said:

“The National Rifle Association applauds the Oregon State Supreme Court for recognizing the deficiencies of the ballot title prepared for IP 40, an initiative that requires law-abiding gun owners to render their firearms useless in emergency situations,”

“Now it’s up to the Attorney General to correct those issues to ensure Oregon’s voters truly understand the unreasonable restrictions they are faced with accepting.”

Oregon: One-Size-Fits-All Gun Solution

Initiative Petition 40 requires all firearms to be locked with a trigger-locking device or kept in a locked container, unless carried, with each firearm not secured constituting a separate violation.

Anyone who has their firearms lost or stolen would be strictly liable for any injury to persons or property if the firearms were not stored in compliance with the law.

Gun safety and storage is a matter of personal responsibility and every person’s situation is different.

It is unreasonable for the law to impose a one-size-fits-all solution. In short, this measure invades people’s homes and forces them to render their firearms useless for self-defense or become criminals.

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