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Yesterday, I receive a comment on a video that I shared from someone I know in real life. He first stated something that I agree with politics isn’t something that you can’t talk about at work.

However, I told him write about politics and then he told me not write about politics and Trump because its “not okay.”  He said, “Trump’s an idiot” and an “ass**le.”


I told him that that Trump is very smart. I went on to say that I don’t live in a liberal fantasy world and that I will write about what I want to write when I want. I support Trump, I voted for him.

Trump is not an ‘idiot’. He is going to be the one of the greatest Presidents second only to Reagan.

Then I said this call me any name you want but just remember name-calling is a sign of weakness not strength.

Liberals always resort to name calling when you can’t make an argument or when they’re realize their losing the argument.

Give the Gift of TRUMP

Then he said Trump was going to take away my job. What job? I don’t really have a job at the moment because of liberal policies that are driving business out of the state. Really the only ‘job’ I have is writing and covering the news through the Trump Times and my blog The Ronald Reagan Of The 21st Century. I kinda wish I said that to him. But I told him that is a complete lie about Trump taking jobs way, I shared several articles stating the companies are  bringing jobs back to the US because of Trump’s polices yet face with facts he resorts to name calling and starts insulting me.

He also said that Trump was going to take away my healthcare? What healthcare? I really don’t have ‘healthcare’ at all I’m stuck with the same old state government funded Medical government I had since I was born which doesn’t really do nothing for dental care which I need to take care of urgently. I told him that was another lie and said Government should not for you to by something you do not need or can’t afford, then I told him that Obama already took millions of millions of thousands of people’s healthcare away with the Obamacare fraud.

Trump is going to make it easier and more affordable to get real healthcare not government funded healthcare which is not true healthcare.

After showing him the truth, he started resorting to name calling and insults as liberals do when they’re faced with facts, which I told him the insults you’re throwing at me are just the same old typical liberal M.O when you can’t make an argument or when you realize you’re losing the argument you liberals always resort to name calling and insults.

Name-calling is a sign of weakness not strength, try making an argument Not based on liberal propaganda Remember liberal propaganda is not fact.

After that he continued to just to insult and started name-calling me.


Anyways we went on and on about that and arguing about Trump. I never once called him names or insulted. I told him that he was lost and then he came back at him told me that I was lost. So I decided to pull out my article where I called out Fox News for being bias in 2011 and told him, I’ve been writing about politics since 2011 tell me how I’m lost I even called out Fox News for being bias too in 2011.

I gave up talking to because all he wants to is insult me and try to deter me to stop writing about politics, which is not going to happen as I put in the title of this article when you tell to not to write about something I’m going to continue writing about that topic. Because I’m never going to stop talking about what I believe, what I think is right or wrong. I’m going to continue writing about politics and religion as well as the news.

I’m in the Alternative Media and the news business is a fluent day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second business and the news involves politics, the mainstream media is completely biased and I’ve known that since 2008 when Governor Palin was on the 2008 GOP VP ticket, that was when I discovered how bias the media was including Fox News,

During the early stages of the 2012 Presidential when people were still thinking Palin is going to run in 2012 I was covering the news I called out Fox News on the bias polls that they put out in their broadcast during the 2012 primaries. I wrote to articles Fox News Not ‘Fair And Balanced’ and Some ‘Conservatives’ Have little faith.

The main point of this article is this you can try all you want to deter me from writing about politics but you’re never going to accomplish that because when you tell me not write about something, you’re encouraging me to write about that topic, you’re inadvertently encouraging me to continue writing and to work even harder on exposes the lies and falsehoods of the completely biased mainstream media.

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