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Whatever happened to the concept of agreeing to disagree?

It seems like that “agreeing to disagree” is a foreign concept with today’s generation.

Today I was just unfriended by someone because I watch a YouTuber who he doesn’t like.

First of all, I don’t know this person personally, I only friended him because he’s supposedly a “Puerto Rican” Trump supporter, we agree on everything else except this one issue concerning a certain YouTuber.

Get yours now almost gone!

I don’t understand what it is with this generation where the concept of agreeing to disagree is non-existent and where they only want to have their own ideological echo-chamber.

This guy said I was an ‘intolerant liberal snowflake’, of course, that is absolutely false I’m nowhere close to being a liberal snowflake I am a strong supporter of President Trump even though I may disagree with him on some issues, but I still support President Trump a 100%

As someone in the alternative media, I watch many YouTubers and read a lot of articles some of those I don’t agree with them on everything. And even those I do agree with I still do research on the topics being discussed, I don’t take everything at face value.


Some of these YouTubers I listen to are what they call Blue Collard Democrats, Reagan Democrats or even classic liberals, these ‘liberals’ are not part of extreme alt-left or what is now known as the Democratic Party, and they don’t like where the Democratic Party is going, they want  to return to something they call classical liberalism

Classical liberalism is a political ideology and a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties under the rule of law, and emphasizes economic freedoms found in economic liberalism which is also called free market capitalism.

I’m already firm in believes and views so watching or listening to these YouTubers aren’t going to make me change my views.

I think its quite ridiculous that this generation can’t handle a little disagreement. When I was growing up in the 90s we were taught agree to disagree.

It’s a simple concept that way where if you continue to argue on a certain topic then you were told its better to agree to disagree with each other rather than continue arguing.


Today’s generation needs to learn how to agree to disagree. I know that is a long-shot because this generation is so divided that if you encounter a little disagreement you start arguing and then eventually you loose the friendship or worse a family member.

However,  if you’re like me you find someone on social media who you agree with on a major issue like supporting the President or a particular politician, are the same religion as you. But you come to find out they disagree with you on a minor issue and when you try to have a decent conversation with them they call you names like a “intolerant liberal snowflake” or a ‘turncoat”.

We need to reeducate this this generation on the concept of agreeing to disagree. We all aren’t going to agree on everything.

When I hangout with my friends I don’t talk about politics because I don’t know what their views are, and it wouldn’t matter to me because this is my childhood friend who i first met in in Junior High School also known as Middle School. I want to keep her as a friend so I avoid talking politics with her.

It seems like this generation is so engulfed in politics that we can’t even hangout with family or friends anymore without even arguing. It’s especially concerning with the Christmas season approaching that people can’t agree to disagree on certain issues.

Lucky I don’t have that issue with my family and friends not that we agree on everything, but we can hopefully agree to disagree on things. We don’t consume ourselves with politics. 

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As I said earlier we need to reeducate this generation on the concept of agreeing to disagree. I know that would be a long-shot because colleges are now an institution of liberal propaganda indoctrination rather than higher learning which they used to about.

I hope someday soon we will return to the concept of agreeing to disagree and we could all just get along with each other without having to argue on everything like minor issues. It’s a sad day when a YouTuber or something you share on social media causes you to loose a friend or family member.

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  1. would be nice if we can agree to disagree.. I lost a friend of 51 yrs on Facebook.. she’s liberal .. too bad. We’re still “friends” but now we write each other once in awhile on messenger. Sad! she said she couldn’t hack my posts about Trump, but really, she didn’t like that I posted a picture saying her Prime Minister Trudeau was wrong to say that honor killings are okay. She’s one of the really blind ones.

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