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Every time an officer makes a simple traffic stop, they know a single truth, one that we as outsiders to the profession simply never imagine. They know that this stop could be their last.
Police Officer Jose Chavez, of Hatch, New Mexico, knew this truth very well. He chose to sacrifice his own safety in order to protect the community he loved. Today, he and his family paid the ultimate price for that. Chavez pulled over a car in New Mexico for speeding early this morning. As he approached the car door, Jesse Hanes, 38, pulled out a gun and shot Chavez in the head. Hanes and passenger James Nelson were both wanted fugitives, wanted for the shooting death of a 62-year-old man in Ohio. They were considered armed and dangerous.

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The two men fired on Chavez, striking him in the head. They then fled the scene, peeling off at 100 mph. The Lexus was later spotted at a rest stop, where Hanes shot a man in the chest. The man is now in stable condition. Both men were later arrested that afternoon after crashing the car. Officer Chavez was 33 years old, and a two-year-veteran of Hatch Police Department.

The Law Enforcement World Is Shaken By Tragic Death Of One Of Its Own


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