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Democrats and their pundits are trying to convince America that Trump’s successes are really failures, and Obama’s failures were really successes


Ahead of Super Tuesday and after winning his first-ever primary contest in South Carolina, Joe Biden said, “We need to build on the coalition and the legacy of the most successful presidency in our lifetime, Barack Obama.” He then corrected himself:  “The Obama-Biden Presidency.”…As Bill Clinton might say, I guess that depends on what the meaning of “success” is.  Democrats desperately unhappy

If the goal of the previous administration was to increase poverty and racial tension, hatred of the police and of America, subversion of the rule of law, kicking Israel in the teeth and making more people dependent on government than ever before, then Voila!

That’s precisely what Obama and the Democrats accomplished in their 8-years.

By that measurement, I will concede that the Obama/Biden Administration was indeed successful. Many, including myself, don’t believe the outcomes mentioned above, were unintentional.

Nevertheless, Democrats must run against Trump’s real and measurable accomplishments to have anything to run on at all.

After less than one term, we have seen a dramatic increase in the GDP, wages, employment, enforcing the rule of law, and in the confidence and prosperity of America.

Although Obama has yet to endorse his Vice President for President, Biden will invoke Obama’s name as much as he can to win the nomination.

What is wholly lost on Biden and Democrats in general (don’t tell them!) is that Obama is not now, nor was he ever as popular at the end of his Presidency as they so enthusiastically claim.

There was a significant downside to calling anyone who criticized Obama’s policies a “Racist!”  Lacking creativity, they continue to hurl the same invective at anyone who supports Donald Trump’s policies.

Social bullying works because most people want to avoid attacks and conflict. So they keep quiet, and they lie to pollsters. That’s one of the reasons Democrats were so blindsided by Trump’s stunning win in 2016.  Like so many other Democrat strategies employed to weaken and then destroy Trump, that backfired “bigly.”


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