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[stumble]Former President Barack Obama slithered out of deep state shadows this week to announce a winner take all liberal war chest that the DNC calls the “unity fund.”

In an email to globalist liberal donors, Obama promised “a strong, united, and well organized DNC ready to spring into action” to overthrow President Trump.

With 23 Democrats currently scheming to grab the 2020 party nomination, deep state donors with the deepest pockets are afraid to get behind the wrong choice. If they write a big check to Bernie and Biden gets the nod, they threw it all away.

None of the Democratic candidates have taken a stand on any of the important issues facing our nation. None of them seem in favor of reaching across the aisle to craft meaningful and fair legislation. The Democrats have a single agenda and purpose, defeat Donald Trump.

As Obama writes, “… here’s the thing, no matter who our Democratic nominee is, next year is our chance to make sure that our shared values are represented in the Oval Office…”

With the standard use of left-leaning doublespeak, the unity focus underscores what happened within the DNC during the 2016 cycle where Bernie Sanders was financially squeezed out by Hillary Clinton. Former DNC official Donna Brazile told Politico at the time she uncovered evidence in the form of an agreement between Hillary Clinton and the DNC where “Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”

Despite the fact that his former Vice-President has entered the race, Obama is hesitant to go out on a limb and endorse him. Biden insists, “he asked his former boss not to publicly support him,” Fox News writes.

According to the Hill, all donations will fund DNC-led programs. Two that were mentioned are “Organizing Corps 2020” and an ominous sounding “Data Warehouse.” Despite their efforts to stop legislation aimed at requiring ID at the polls, the unity fund will allegedly sponsor “voter protection efforts that are essential to winning in 2020.”

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