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This video of an imbecilic NYC Subway rider proves that Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Democrats has turned back time and return New York City to the cesspool it was in the 1970s and 1980s.

Watch as some hate-America attention-starved liberal looney toon NYC subway cross-dresser who appears to be wearing a Donald Trump mask acts like an absolute buffoon in ways that’ll make your brain hurt trying to fathom how many missteps it took that ultimately led you to be witnessing this dimwitted Democrat debauchery?

But what’s far more sickening to me to how these supposedly outspoken tough-as-nails New Yorkers simply stare straight ahead as this imbecile desecrates our American flag.

Yes, I’m sure most of these riders were probably too preoccupied counting down the seconds until the train would reach its next stop so they’ll be able to escape the insanity taking place before them, but that’s no excuse not to stand up to this idiocy.

And for those that say ‘it’s easy for me to be a keyboard tough guy.’

Sorry, but I was working in NYC during the late 70s and 80s where 42nd street was lined with peep shows, and you kept your head down, not out of respect for others’ privacy, but because you were making sure you didn’t step on a needle or crack vial.

Thankfully, Rudy Giuliani saved the city from David Dinkins and the Democrats and more importantly gave New Yorkers back their pride not to accept watching this kind of idiocy.

Now that I live in Virginia, it disgusts me watching this and knowing that de Blasio and the Democrats have so beaten down New Yorkers to the point that not one person had the intestinal fortitude to grab this moron’s rope and wrapped it around his friggin neck.

Watch what has now become the new normal in the Democrats Rotten Apple.


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  1. I probably would have left it alone too. It looks like it was under the influence of some type of narcotic(s). Clearly unable to stand up. Plus, in NYC, they’d lock us up for beating its ass. Freaks are normal there.

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