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OPINION| Lawrence David| It’s hard to imagine what legal basis New York City’s totalitarian Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks he has for unilaterally suspending the First Amendment.

The Framers were intent on protection us from dictators like De Blasio whose assault on the Constitution is likely to go unchallenged due to the Marxist media that is openly hostile towards believers of God.

In defiance of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, De Blasio ordered the voluntary and immediate closing of all houses of worship or he would order them to be closed… permanently.

What part of the First Amendment Does Bill de Blasio NOT understand?

What part of the First Amendment, a protection that underpins every other right Americans think they still have, does De Blasio not understand?

Mayor De Blasio didn’t ask for compliance during this pandemic… he ordered it, or else.  That should send a chilling wake-up call to everyone about just who/what Democrats have become.

De Blasio ain’t no liberal…

Liberals once fiercely defended the First Amendment.  It was the tool they used to destroy our culture and our unity.  Having succeeded at that, liberals have morphed into Progressives.  Not the same thing… not by a long shot.

Liberalism was all about the rights of the individual.  Progressivism is all about the collective… Marxism, communism, Democratic Socialism.

The modern Democratic Party is now rooted in Progressive ideology including eugenics… and silencing those whose beliefs offend them or threaten the acceptance of their ideological agenda, is now acceptable.., when they say it is .

Andrew Breitbart Had The Best Response To Progressives like Bill de Blasio…

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