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By Cherylynn Costner:

When Donald John Trump held his hand over Lincoln’s Bible and took the oath of office, Americans got a champion for women unlike any before him.  His first year in the Oval Office catapulted more women in the workforce than ever before in the US.  There is now a new trend of seeing women in positions of authority in Washington, D.C. Not just “females”, but talented smooth talkers who stand their ground and fearlessly take on the issues with a style and class never seen in previous administrations.

Instead of being thrilled with the opportunities,  the so-called feminists sweated out an identity —crushed when their “Woman” did not make it.  They dropped, tucked and rolled into the most ridiculous costumes – female genitalia, or just attached some pink flap hats onto their heads, while they screamed and shouted about how they “do not want to be…?”   That is where they lost ME altogether!  They never got to the point of why they were supporting Linda Sarsour’s jihadist, Islamic, extremist agenda.

They pushed against Israel and embraced Sharia Law’s oppression of basic human rights for women. Was THAT supposed to be the point?  Probably yes, like Huma Abedin was with her family and agenda. She was a Muslim Brotherhood plant to usher in Muslim ideology and help her family’s businesses grow here in America.   Even Saudi Arabia condemned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but here in the states, Abedin was the “Judas Goat” and bled out top secret documents stolen/borrowed/ from her boss, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, onto the same lap top her husband used for scouting underage girl(s) for sex as she tried to lead feminists off the cliff.

Why dampen the joy of God Blessing America big time with the first year down for Donald J. Trump and the gains women are experiencing today? There are dregs like those residing in California all across the USA who want to sit in gloom no matter how good it gets. Now California’s corrupt government wants to steal the tax benefits gained to pay for maintaining the status quo of their illegal voters, welfare recipients and other shady deals.  It is really an abuse of the English language to ever refer to California as a “Liberal State” as  California never ratified the 13th Amendment.   Remember the seldom talked about provision that prohibits involuntary servitude anywhere in the United States of America, that one? California Government is more like a dictatorship with the odd twist of giving and catering to ILLEGALS.  California has long been denying basic human and civil rights to its citizens as the NWO has advanced unfettered. California has volunteered to be the NWO de facto door mat! Not that California is alone, what used to be considered a no brainer that Congress works for We the People has now been usurped by foreign interests in other states as well. IL Sen. Dick Dublin has made it his full time job working for illegals.

My march yesterday was with the women who side with life.  Thank you, President Trump! If this article ever reaches your eyes, thank you for taking the mic as the first sitting President to support real women with real needs and for your genuine respect. Our needs are not only for our health, but the health of our unborn babies whom we want to see the light of day.  MSM said you had no chance, maybe 10% if that, of winning POTUS —they were sadly mistaken!  Not only did you make it, you brought with you heavy duty role models for our youth so we can give American girls something to look forward to in life.  Intelligent and hard working women like Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos, Hope Hicks, and our Force to be Reckoned With,  Secretary of the Press Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is one of my personal favs.  There are so many more women not mentioned here, but the story would not be complete without paying tribute to the women in President Trump’s family, Melania and Ivanka along with lesser known Lara Trump, who is advocating for animal issues at the White House, such as Pets for Vets, another one of my favorite issues.

Women are smiling today, because it feels good to wake up in a country with a President who hears our voices and blocks the winds of the past that have previously pushed us to the background, but now a mere distant memory.  We love you Donald Trump, THANK YOU for leaving your rich and abundant luxury penthouse suite to climb down into the trenches on the front lines and fight for women(and men too!) The President’s help to and for women, well, that is better than mama’s apple pie.  I think I would have a third serving of that!


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