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What has been on the minds of many Americans, Canadians, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and particularly the South Koreans, and countries all over the world; is what is happening with Kim Jong Un and North Korea?

What is this place which is so small, and it’s leader keeps making threats to South Korea, Guam, the United States, etc, what’s going on and what is the best way to deal with it?

Recently North Korea has said they plan to attack Guam which is an island featured in my map, that I have provided for you. This is an American Base, and so it could be the brunt of North Korean attacks. He said he was going to attack it, and certainly one cannot take him at his word on the one hand, because he’s said it for years, so it’s like the old story of Crying wolf, we remember from childhood. But in this case, he seems a little more prepared and serious, so folks are getting scared. As I said on my last article on this subject, I lived in South Korea for three years, between 2010 and 2013 so I heard first hand how the South Koreans felt about this. He was threatening to do this and that, .then, in 2013, and so I was quite glad to leave, to tell you the truth. As I said, in my previous article most South Koreans were not afraid of him because he constantly threatened him, but to be sure many would like this constant threat to be gone.

Now the threat is Guam. Why does he say it? I mean if he’s going to do it, just do it, no?

Well, one thing you have to understand about North Korea, is it’s a really poor nation, and the second thing is not many people who live there enjoy the freedoms we do. It’s a totalitarian society in which it’s occupants have no contact with the outside world. No internet, no TV etc. Also it’s an impoverished nation, where they have little money and cannot find means to even feed themselves, and depend on China for food. Understanding this, is important to understand the motives for such threats. The other thing is, due to lack of knowledge of the world, then you have a body of people, essentially under totalitarian rule. So that’s power too, because they will do what he says … as they don’t know anything else. It’s a catch 22 because if we give them money, like the previous administrations have done, aren’t they going to just load up with more nuclear weapons and come back in another 3-4 years, when Kim Jong Un is running out of money to buy hamburgers, or whatever they eat there.

Okay, so Guam now is being threatened. Same, old, same old story, different place now. So what is Trump’s administration doing? Well, something different than the other administrations. Instead of handing over money which makes zero sense because Kim Jong Un will not spend it wisely, instead of improving the economy of his nation, he will prepare for the next time he runs out of money (building nuclear weapons) he will threaten his neighbors again, or rich America. After all America is no good because that’s why he can’t take over the whole Korean Peninsula. American Military bases prevent that. It reminds me of people who kidnap someone’s child. A rich person’s child, and demand a ransom, only on a grander scale.


President Trump has stated that: If North Korea does anything to Guam or or anyone, or our allies, or any one we as Americans love, then they will have things happen to them, more than anything they ever thought possible. He (being Kim Jong Un) has been pushing around the world for a long, long time. Since the beginnings of his talks, President Trump has indicated that maybe he hasn’t been tough enough. No more appeasing the bully. Enough is enough.

Unlike Trump, Kim Jong Un states his every move, because his goal is different, than Trump’s as I previously indicated. Kim Jong Un’s goal is to make a deal, as has been done in the past to get money. President Trump’s goal is to protect his people now and and in years to come.

After stating he could be tougher than fire and fury, Trump says he can be tougher. When asked how can you be tougher than that? President Trump says “We don’t talk about that, we never do.”

He also said it’s about time that somebody stuck up for this country or other countries. So if any thing, maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough, and we’re backed 100% by our military. Trump said that he would consider negotiations with North Korea and declined to discuss a pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang. The no telling thing is just common sense and something he discussed in his campaign. No good military leader ever tells his enemy what his next move is. He said things will happen to them that they never thought possible, if North Korea does any thing. He said he had a great meeting with China and Russia on sanctions where the vote was 15 to 0. So they were in unity. President Trump believes this will help North Korea a chance to get their ‘act together’ or they will get in trouble.

Guam’s position on the Pacific Ocean makes it a key strategic point for U.S. Military planning. The island has been a key vacation spot and by it’s location it’s in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It’s 4000 miles away from Hawaii.

U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says there is no imminent threat from North Korea, despite Pyongyang saying it was considering strikes on the US pacific territory of Guam. He defended President Trump and said he did well, threatening North Korea with Fire and Fury. He said a clear message to North Korea is a good idea. Defense Secretary James Mattis “Maddog” says the same thing basically. He says Pyongyang should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to ending his regime and the destruction of it’s people.

North Korea, at this point is pretty quiet. Perhaps they are considering their options. The countries around North Korea are pretty tired of these antics and certainly would like a more permanent solution. In 2013 when I went to South Korea, he was saying the same thing.

Japan’s Defense Minister, Isonori Onadera said they would be acting within international law for Japan to intercept a missile aimed at Guam. North Korea’s threats to strike around Guam, pose a serious challenge, said a spokesman for South Korea, Joints Chief of Staff told a reporter yesterday.

What seems to have triggered the trading of threats, was an article by the Washington Post, in which the USA intelligence officials believe that the North has succeeded in developing a nuclear missile.

Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown, reporting from Beijing said the commentary gave an inkling of China’s official stance, which is “They have been doing this to our country for a long time and for many years, and it’s about time that someone to stuck up for the people of this country and the people of other countries. They have said, America will be defended, stated Calvo.

So like I said, it’s the same old story, it’s one about Good VS Evil. How do you get rid of a big bully in the play yard? Some say show him how tough you are and he won’t bother you again. But if you cough up your lunch, he will keep coming back, again and again.

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  1. Another good article. Is there anyway we can get a sniper close enough to take him out? I know his people are suffering and we should free them from this horrible little boy. It would be a horrible thing to have to nuke him and kill the innocent people there. I appreciate you writing these articles.

    • thanks for your comment.. yes, he does represent a challenge, a nice way of saying he’s a pain! I could say more but keeping it polite, lol~!!

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