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There are people protesting that they will boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick is not hired. What about his talent or lack of it? I guess his charitable donations of a million dollars to activist groups has caused some people to protest for him. Hey, it’s a job, right? Wrong! Protesting in the streets should not be a job. No one should be giving money to any group of people to disrupt our way of life.



Then again, there are people protesting that the NFL is not patriotic. These people say they will boycott the NFL if the players take a knee during the National Anthem.


An Ohio Supreme Court justice, Bill O’Neill took a stand against the Cleveland Browns’ 12 players who took a kneel in alliance with Kaepernick in protest. He posted about his displeasure on Facebook.

Football is an all American sport, right? Sports are not political, right? Why has one man started this mess about nothing? What is ‘WHITE’ about the National Anthem? Americans of all colors play and watch football.

I love my team and my whole team stands for the National Anthem. I truly believe that they will continue to do so. What do I do? Do I watch my Steelers? What if the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cleveland Browns? Do I watch half of the screen? Okay, you can see all of this crap has upset me.

President Trump, please tell me if you will watch the NFL. I need to know.

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