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Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out New York State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout and inconceivably Cuomo’s ‘Woke-Left’ policy prioritizes drug addicts over elderly New Yorkers.

Of course, Cuomo’s previous Coronavirus policy involving the elderly led to the deaths of 6,600 nursing home residents during the height of the pandemic.

But how much blood Cuomo has on his hands is still in dispute. According to an AP analysis, the number of elderly that Cuomo sent to their deaths in unprepared nursing homes could reach as high as 11,000.

A Justice Department inquiry is underway that could determine whether New York is undercounting coronavirus deaths among the elderly in nursing homes.

But after reading his COVID-19 Vaccine rollout policy, it’s safe to say Andrew Cuomo’s bloodlust for elderly New Yorkers hasn’t been satisfied.

Read The AP article: New York’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

Watch Cuomo Announcing That He’s Sending COVID Seniors Back Into Illequipt Nursing Homes


Cuomo’s  COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Mental Midget Reasoning

During Andrew Cuomo’s press briefing on Monday, the governor said that COVID-19 vaccinations would be given to what he deemed as ‘priority populations’.

Currently, New York only lists front-line workers such as high-risk hospital workers, federally qualified health center employees, EMS workers, etc. as ‘priority populations’

But Cuomo made it a point the emphasize that as more COVID-19 vaccines become available the ‘priority populations’ list will be expanded to include residents of “OASAS”.

What’s OASAS? It’s New York State’s ‘Office of Addiction Services and Supports.

The state-run agency runs 12 drug treatment centers across New York, with five facilities located in New York City.

OASAS is also in charge of as well as certifying and monitoring ‘hundreds’ of other private facilities.

Cuomo tries to justify his COVID-19 Vaccine prioritization insanity, saying:

These are congregate facilities. Congregate facilities are problematic. That’s where you have a lot of people in concentration. 

Nursing homes are obviously the most problematic because they congregate plus older, vulnerable people.

OASAS facilities, what we call the O facilities, they’re congregate — not necessarily older — but congregate facilities.

I assume Cuomo must think that if he says “congregate” enough it’ll distract New Yorkers from realizing he’s placing drug-addicts ahead of Grandma and Grandpa?

Federalist co-founder, Ben Domenech, Ripped Cuomo’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Plan

Ben Domenech, co-founder of the political news site The Federalist appeared on Fox News and lambasted Cuomo for his imbecilic plan, saying:

About a month ago, Gov. Cuomo was out there saying that he is going to sue to have control of the vaccine process when it came to a potential feud with the Trump administration. 

Now that he is given control of it, he is making already the same kind of decisions that we come to expect from him, full of bluster, full of stupidity, and without any kind of thought for the elderly citizens of New York State. 

“Worst Governor in America”

House of Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., also slammed Cuomo in a tweet earlier this week proclaiming Cuomo as:

‘The Worst Governor in America streak continues … This time prioritizing vaccines for drug addicts over tens of thousands of seniors who have been home bound since the start of the pandemic. An absolute disgrace,’

OASAS Throws Themselves A Pity Party

After seeing Cuomo get eviscerated for his COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan. The Office of Addiction Services and Supports came to his support whining that drug users were being stigmatized.

‘Unfortunately, there continues to be a stigma against those in recovery when it comes to equal access to health care. These individuals deserve the same access to medical care as everyone else, and those at high risk of COVID should be vaccinated in line with other high-risk populations.’  

OASAS conveniently left out the part about drug-addicts having a choice to swallow, snort, smoke, or shot up drugs.

Whereas elderly New Yorkers had no choice in growing old.



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  1. Cumuno is the epitomy of Obamacare death panels. He obviously wants the elderly population to expire freeing up more and more social security money.

  2. not only would giving prisners priority vaccines reduce the jail population and reduce repeat offenders but, for those people who claim criminal habits may be genetic, it might reduce the number of future criminals.

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