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AOC got slammed by the very left-leaning New York Daily News in an editorial, “Enemy of the Good: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes the Wrong Choice”.

In Sunday’s editorial, The New York Daily News lambasted AOC’s decision to vote against the $484 billion coronavirus relief package, calling it “terribly wrong.”

The paper also pointed out that the dimwitted Democrat from New York’s 14th Congressional District [Queens/Bronx] was the sole Democrat who voted against the bill.

How do you know you reach a new level of idiocy? When AOC couldn’t even get just one of her other three moronic ‘Squad’ sisters to vote ‘No’ with her. The Squad

The Daily News liberal leftist editorial board also took issue with AOC’s claim that the bill did not go far enough.

The Democrats pathetic progressive lawmaker said the bill left out any real aid for Americans struggling to pay rent or purchase necessities including food after being left jobless or stranded due to the virus.

Ocasio-Cortez said:

“My concern is that we are giving away the farm.

I cannot go back to my communities and tell them to just wait for CARES four because we have now passed three, four pieces of legislation that’s related to coronavirus. 

And every time it’s the next one, the next one, the next one, and my constituents are dying.”

Of course, earlier this week in a tweeted, then deleted tweet AOC egregiously posted “You absolutely love to see it”:

AOC Absolutely Love it Tweet

We will also point out that just weeks ago we reported that while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘constituents were dying’.

AOC was a special guest judge on drag queen ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ .

AOC: Enemy of the Good

The Daily News Editorial Board addressed AOC’s Simpleminded Socialist stupidity that Congress was passing Coronavirus emergency bills that are doing nothing to move America closer to her and Bernie’s nanny state utopia, writing:

AOC claims voting no] it’s because the bill didn’t go far enough. Yeah: The first aid bill didn’t go far enough. Nor did the second. Nor did the third.

The fourth didn’t get there either, but the response to crises happen in steps. If everyone said no to each massive package because it didn’t go all the way, we’d all be even deader in the water.

Her terribly wrong vote made her the only Democrat in either the House or Senate siding against any of the four coronavirus bailouts passed since early March.

Not the kind of distinction a rising star legislator should be proud of.

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