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Well, I guess today is the day we who watch cable TV news networks will start seeing this ad featuring President Donald J. Trump.

It looks like Americans will see the paid campaign ad if they watch commercials.

“A paid campaign ad will start airing on cable TV news networks starting Thursday, September 7 by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee. The ad highlights some of the President’s achievements, including “…over one million new jobs, companies investing billions in America, stock market reaching all-time record highs, our border more secure…(and) our economy winning again…”


Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., commented on the broadcast of the campaign ad, saying:

“In a very short time, President Trump has already achieved great success. The President has led a growing resurgence in our economy, creating over one million new jobs, and he has demonstrated a new brand of leadership, changing how America confronts challenges in the world. We are pleased to showcase a few of President Trump’s achievements to date and stand ready to support his successes that lie ahead, including his fervent commitment to cut taxes this year for hard-working Americans.””

View ad in this video:

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  1. About time someone is writing about the good that is happening….Let the man do his Job…..& You do yours….If they want to write for a ‘rag mag’ then they should seek employment there….Stop turning our news sources into ‘gossip’….Reality shows have more truth to them than most of our so-called news sources.

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