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Many people believe that the Constitution for the united States can be changed and since it has been changed many believe this all the more.  However, just because someone robs a bank does not make bank robbery legal, does it?

So what is the Constitution and why should it have never been changed? Does the Constitution gives us rights or is the constitution our only real protection for our rights and what are our rights?

What today’s government does not want anyone to know is what Sovereignty means; you may not be taxed and licenses may not be forced upon a Sovereign.

How can this be and who will pay for all the government necessities and are they really necessities?

Why is it that a large percentage of our population today look to government for self-preservation from jobs and benefits to social welfare and of course our educational system.  Is this not socialism; the road to ruin?

A Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people:  Does this mean exactly what it says and if so, where are the people who should be supporting, defending and protecting and what is to protect; i.e.   The Constitution FOR the united States?

The Constitution OF the United States means “One Single” country or nation under one flag with one government and of course the Capitalization of the United States means the government is a corporation.   The Constitution FOR the united States means a union of independent States (Republics); each with their own Government, Constitution and Flag, joined in a union of Republics for the protection of all from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The fact we have a Representative form of federal government is merely stating that each Constitutional Republic has agreed upon a union of all Republics for self preservation from those who would design a means of destroying our Constitution; our Republic.

So what does all this mean and how does it reflect on the needs of citizens and of course we must answer all the questions above if we are to understand what this nation of nations is all about and who we are as citizens of a Constitutional Republic?  Remember, we all live within a Sovereign Republic and each Republic designs its own laws to protect what is considered proper for the citizens within.  If we do not like the laws of our Republic, we as free citizens are able to move to another Republic which is more to our liking, but we as a union of citizens have no right to force the Federal Government to design laws which govern over all Republics.  Thus, special interests need to be disbanded and sent home and citizens need to become more active in their own government as well as active in our Federal Government to insure our individual Republics are protected.

What is a Sovereign?  Simply put, a Sovereign is “God” or a “King” and if we as citizens are Sovereign living within a Sovereign Nation of Sovereign Nations, consider this:
1.         Government can’t force a tax on a King
2.         Government can’t force a license on a King

Thus, sovereignty means above all else and untouchable.

What are our Rights?   They are not listed in the Constitution, although many protections are stated in the Constitution, but really, what are our rights?   Moreover, “what are the rights of a Sovereign?”

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness:  These are our rights and when you relate them to being a Sovereign Citizen living within a Sovereign Nation where the Government is Of, By and For the people, then we begin to get a picture as to what our rights really are and our position of responsibility within our Governmental system as well as the importance of citizen participation in their governments from City Council to State Legislature up to and including our Federal government.  Being a Sovereign simply means, governments have no real authority over us.

Simply put your rights are:

Life – you are born, therefore you have certain unalienable rights that can’t be taken from you making you free from slavery unless you commit crimes that over step your birth rights, or debt of which you cannot pay.  At this point, you owe part of your life to others.

Liberty – the right to seek out and participate in opportunities which may be entertainment or life necessities in order to be able to care for your needs in life and to enjoy the fruits of life.

The pursuit of happiness – the opportunities you consider agreeable to be able to seek out and achieve your dreams –  jobs, business opportunities; a means of being able to pave the way for your dreams to be achieved; i.e. paying for a home, personal possessions (a man’s home is his castle).  Since your home is your castle and you are a sovereign citizen, there is no law that can be made which makes taxation of your home legitimate.  Yet, we pay taxes to government in order to be able to live in the home we purchased with our own efforts and we get evicted if we fail to pay such (rent) taxes to an illegitimate government process.  Thus, what have we lost from our birth heritage; why?

The Common Laws of Man – Laws which allow a man to move, work, smile, and basically reach for and achieve dreams and unless he oversteps his bounds and tramples upon the rights of others, he cannot and should never be prosecuted, fined or imprisoned.  The key is, “when you do no harm” there is no cause for persecution, or fines of any kind.

From here we can go one of two directions.

1.         We can discuss why we no longer live under the common laws of man unless you demand your Common Laws Rights and become and enemy of the state, or subjugate yourself to the corporate laws of this nation, initiated after the Act of 1871, when a criminal congress sold the peoples federal capital to the Rothschild International Banking Corporation for the Civil War Debt.  Common Law was essentially replaced by Corporate Law by 1935.

2.         We can discuss the needs of mankind at this point in order to maintain and advance under extreme economic conditions where the vast majority are buried in perpetual debt from their first credit card to all the debts accumulated over a life time which forces us to pay interest to the bankers until we die and then they tax our families with inheritance taxes, probate, court costs, etc. of which is a way of stealing more of the wealth of citizens just because they can.

Life is not about what we think it should be but rather it is the reality of what life is and since life is hard people must be aware of their responsibilities to self and community/State/Country.  In this awareness life may improve for all.

Benjamin Franklin stated, “All men are responsible for their own wealth!”  This also includes debt and it includes women.  We owe no one the costs for their own lives, be they education, health and medical or anything else.  In order to understand this we must understand, we are not a Democracy, and we are not a communist nation; even though socialism has taken over so much of our lives there is very little that resembles a constitutional Republic today.


A system of government where freedom is often voted away out of ignorance because of fast talking politicians who convince people to give up freedoms by popular vote.   (Majority Rules)  In a Constitutional Republic all rights are preserved for all citizens, but only if a citizen government participates in their government.


As described above, leaves people free to plan, scheme and build upon dreams.  They are at liberty to accept opportunities.


The open door to opportunity.     Example:  A sailor is given liberty from the ship for a certain period of time, but when the free time has ended the liberty is over.  We are at time released from daily tasks that keep one chained to establishment.  What we do with these opportunities may present a pathway to our dreams.

A given chance to achieve by accepting the responsibility to carry one toward end goals and dreams; the vehicle where all dreams may be achieved.

The opportunity to become a citizen of the united States.   One must conform to the requirements of the US Constitution, and accept the responsibility to all other citizens.  They must  give up all loyalty to other nations, laws and governments.  To become a citizen of a Constitutional Republic, one must accept the Constitution as the Supreme Law of this land.

So what is the Constitution?   It is the “Supreme Law of this Land”!  There are no other laws above our Constitution and no substitution allowed.   Moreover, since it is the Supreme law of this land it must be protected as it can never be changed (legally) and it must be restored along with our common laws of man if we are ever to understand Sovereignty and its importance to each and every one of us who believes in freedom.


A Republican (not party) Form of Government where citizen rights are protected from those who are self-serving for profit while removing the rights of citizens.   Majority Rule is not valid as all new laws and amendments to the constitution must be in complete agreement with the basic Constitution.   To place an item on a voting ballot for citizen vote, that item must first be found to be in complete compliance with the constitution; example:  one cannot vote on any bill where the 2nd amendment is voted on  and limits the rights of citizens against the 2nd Amendment.

In other words, “the Constitution is not and never will  be negotiable”.   It belongs to you and it belongs to me.  Neither of us have the right to vote the rights of the other away.

Freedom is and never has been free.  It is earned.   Those who earn anything understand the value of their time energy and cost.  However, without sovereignty there can never be real freedom.  Without Liberty there can be no opportunity for the majority as opportunities are the vehicles to plan and carry one to their dreams.

If one who is at liberty to accept opportunity and to work, plan and scheme to attain goals, one has the chance to achieve financial freedom and that is where you find real freedom.   Those strapped to perpetual debt for a life time are nothing more or less than slaves to a time clock, banker or any other entity which ties them down and allows them to achieve very little before taking it all away again.




When we the people elect a public servant that person is nothing more than a public servant.  However, arrogance, and greed often leads them toward graft and corruption for personal gain.

Those placed in positions of trust must always remember their oath to the Constitution and their responsibility to maintain that oath.  To serve, protect and defend the constitution is of the utmost importance and it is up to the citizens to insure those voted into office follow their oath.
No one swears an oath to a politician, or any other elected representative, but for any representative of the people to fail in their obligation, we see the failure to maintain society of a free community, state or nation.


1.         Return to Limited Government – downsize the federal government and eliminate all unconstitutional departments, agencies, government establishments and corporations.  RE:  the Resolution of 1780 and the Constitution for the united States; Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  The Federal Government has no authority outside the 10 square miles designated as the peoples capital.

2.         Return our Constitution to the peoples constitution – (1) Eliminate the 16th Amendment – the Federal Reserve and the IRS (2)  Remove the 17th Amendment and return senators back to appointed representatives of their home state as overseers within congress for state protection.  (3)  Return our 13th Amendment – RE:  Gifts from Foreign entities and Letters of mark – remove all lawyers from elected positions within Congress and State Legislatures making the government once again, a government of the people.

3.        TERM LIMITS on all elected Representatives – no retirement benefits or health care after leaving office.  Serve and go home.



Of Power Entrusted

To those who serve the public; May you be worthy.

Copyright © 2003, by Michael Duane Small

Governments power in retrospect,

To serve the people who pay the bill!

Guardians assigned to us protect

and not to govern by iron will!


Beware the power given,

to those who’s place to judge;

Thy rapacious entreat of power driven,

promote thy people to convey a grudge!


Laws are written as a guide,

Justification must be proven hence.

Rules provided society to abide

Wisdom mirrors good by common sense!


Prosecute effects by law and light

And do thy utmost to protect.

Thy servant of the peoples plight,

Conserve thy power in retrospect.


 “Published: International Society Of Poets:

Anthology: Tracing the Infinite, 2004

and Sound of Poetry”

Editors Choice Award

Books:  From the Shadows of My Smile

A Letter to the Class of 65



Author’s Comments:

Those who serve the public must always realize it is not a right, but a privilege to serve the people.  Thus, they are entrusted with the rights of the people for the good of all!  They must be above reproach, loyal, honest and trustworthy in all they do and they must remain steadfast in their beliefs in Freedom and Independence in the course of their daily tasks.


Government works for the people as long as the people maintain their own government.   When governments rule, there can never be freedom and people become slaves to their government.

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