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By Randall Nozick:


  • #ReleaseTheMemo has been carried out
  • The Liberals are already mobilized against it
  • The memo is not fake news
  • The memo names names and their real crimes
  • “Material omissions” are irrelevant
  • The memo proves a coup was attempted
  • Public confidence in the justice system can only be restored by bringing all the offenders to justice
  • The Special Council investigation “insurance policy” was really to usurp the President’s authority over the criminals and give them time to destroy evidence
  • Jeff Sessions recusal was more than it appeared
  • The memo provides first real ammunition in ongoing cold civil war

The 4 page memo summarizing misconduct by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has now been released to the public without redaction. Many will read the memo and wonder what the big deal is. It is all things we have read before. This article presents the perspectives necessary to fend off the Liberal downplay, which is already thundering in to protect their own.

Real News:

First, it is vital to understand that while we all suspected, and have even read numerous stories about the crimes detailed in the memo, this is an official account which names names and then ties those names to crimes.

Liberals will say the contents of the memo “does not represent the facts” because of “material omissions”, but this is not true. No matter what has been omitted from the memo, the details included have no possible mitigating additional details.

The criminal actions described are directly equivalent to throwing a gun on a dead body to cover up a murder as self defense. Once proven, the only things additional facts could provide are irrelevant. The motive for the murder is no longer relevant once it is proven a murder. Same here. The DNC bought manufactured evidence, the FBI and DOJ knew it was bought, and they concealed it to spy on and (they thought) defeat a political opponent.

The Very Definition of a Coup:

Our elections are not sacred because of rhetoric. They are sacred because they keep people who do not represent the citizenry from seizing power. Watergate was “such a big deal” because trying to control an election is, at the most basic level, an attempted coup. There were cries of treason over Watergate and what this memo confirms is a thousand times more intense effort to bypass the wishes of the people.

It is probably unreasonable to expect treason charges, but the crimes need to be prosecuted as at least abuse of power. There also needs to be an investigation to the farthest reaches to make sure everyone involved in this coup is brought to justice. Failing to do so will leave our election processes without faith, fundamentally destroying our system of government by The People.

Public Confidence in the Federal Justice System:

In their attempts to squash the memo, Democrats used the ridiculous talking point that public confidence would be lost in the DOJ and FBI by releasing the memo. They have this backwards. Public confidence is already lost. The only thing that can bring it back is a full accounting and justice carried out.

Democrats need to think ahead to the next time they will need the DOJ or FBI to defend their legitimate rights. Will they want to turn to an organization which is has been told it’s alright to be biased? What if the bias has swung the other way? Whether the Democrats have the foresight to understand or not, the DOJ and FBI must be brought back to a state of integrity for their own good as much as their opponents’.

Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions, and Russia:

There is another layer to the effect of the crimes summarized in the memo beyond interference in the election: the Special Counsel investigation of President Trump is now confirmed to be based on fabricated evidence provided by his political opponents. All Trump supporters know the investigation is a hit job, but it goes deeper than that.

The Constitution lays out the Executive Branch in no uncertain terms. The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately report to the President. He is their boss. But these organizations have been proven, now by evidence, to be corrupt. The responsibility to clean the corruption out of Executive Branch departments is the President’s.

This is where the deeper level of maneuvering comes into play. Most think of the now famous “insurance policy” as a reference to getting Trump impeached. It was not. By starting an investigation by a Special Council, the Democrats were able to usurp Trump’s power to manage the Executive Branch departments. The “insurance policy” was the corrupt Democrat agents who had seized control would be insulated from discovery and prosecution. They have already shown that the time gained by dragging out the Special Council investigation has been used to try to destroy evidence.

Although Jeff Sessions is held in very low regard by most Trump supporters, it is important to understand he had no choice but to recuse himself from the Special Counsel investigation. It had nothing to do with a conflict of interest and everything to do with his only move to do his job. By recusing himself, he was free to interact with President Trump and do his job. We will not know for some time what the value of that work is because much of it is in political maneuvers which may or may not align with the President’s direction.

Civil War:

Our country has been engaged in a cold civil war for decades, some say since the Kennedy assassination. The greatest importance of this memo is not in the contents, but rather in the source. Whether there were “material omissions” or not, the facts stand. There have been other great crimes committed and most Trump supporters can count them off on demand: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Bundy Ranch, just to name a few.

The power in this memo is that Congress reviewed real evidence of the crime this time and made it public so real action can be taken to right the wrongs. This is an important blow for Americans on the side of our traditional American values. Finally, our side gets to fight back.

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    • Thanks so much Cherylynn! This memo has the potential to blow a big hole in the swamp. It’s up to us to push the politicians to get this done.

  1. Potus Trump said he would drain the swamp.This will be an undertaking of magnanimous proportions.It will take all the prayers of the Christians in America, all the powers of congress,and the rank and file of the law enforcement agencies. It can be done, and with the help of Trey Gowdy, and the prayers of the faithful, we will once again have a Gov. we can depend on to be honest and truthful to the Constitution and to the American pple.IN GOD WE TRUST, AND THE MILITARY OF THE U.S.A. I DO BELIEVE TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

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