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Regardless of whether or not Americans are voting for President Donald Trump, almost two-thirds of nationwide registered voters say they think he’ll most likely win re-election in November.

About 65 percent of U.S. registered voters of all political affiliations say Trump will “definitely” or “probably will” defeat whoever the ultimate Democratic challenger is against him in the general election. The CBS News/YouGov pollconducted between February 20-22 revealed that Republicans are far more confident than Democrats, with 90 percent of GOP registered voters expecting Trump to win re-election. Just over one-third of registered voters surveyed days prior to the Nevada caucuses say Trump “definitely will not” or “probably will not” be victorious in the general election.

Democrats are incredibly skeptical of all of their potential nominees’ chances against Trump, with fewer than half saying any of them are above even a “maybe” to win in November.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has established himself as the front-runner after winning the popular vote in each of the first three primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. And according to those polled, he is considered the most likely to have a chance at beating Trump head-to-head. Forty-seven percent of registered voters support Sanders versus 44 percent standing behind Trump. Only Sanders, Biden and Warren are even considered likely to beat the president.

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