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NBC News was forced to admit that Chuck Todd deceived viewers with a deceptively edited clip of Attorney General William Barr speaking about the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The tweeted apology, of course, did not apologize to William Barr and has not silenced the rage of those demanding Chuck Todd issue an on-air apology.

As we reported earlier, on today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski called Donald Trump a “freaking nut,” for having the audacity, via tweets, to defend himself and his administration against the blatant trump lying mainstream media.

One of those lies that President Trump tweeted about was about CUCK Todd’s selectively editing the AG Barr video so he could show how outraged he was.

On Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd was triggered by the Justice Department announcing on Thursday that all charges against Michael Flynn have been dropped.

Todd then showed a clip from an interview with Barr that had been conducted by Catherine Herridge of CBS News.

Herridge had asked Barr how history would judge the DOJ’s decision to dismiss charges against Flynn? 

Meet the Press then showed a clip of AG Barr saying:

“Well, history’s written by the winners. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history,” 

The edited version of the clip then allowed host Chuck Todd and former White House speechwriter Peggy Noonan to trash Barr:

“I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer. It’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this is a political job,”

The full clip, however, showed that Chuck Todd’s team of Trump-hating video editors deliberately leaving out the second line of AG Bill Barr’s answer:

“I think a fair history would say it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law,” 

“It upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

Chuck Todd Thanks For Exhibit 1,964,966

After being called out on Chuck Todd’s blatant lie. NBC issued their standard Twitter “Sorry, NOT sorry” apology.

Of course, NBC blamed it all on their infamous ‘inadvertent error.’ 

Inadvertent My Ass!

It’s simply astounding that after three years of ‘Inadvertent Errors” the liberal media still has the audacity to screech:

“How dare Donald Trump call us…THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA?

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