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Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to scold President Trump and to call GOP lawmakers SOTU behavior “Totally inappropriate”.

Nancy Pelosi Lost It When Asked Why She Tore Up the SOTU Speech the Stuttering Alcoholic House Speaker Lectured ‘I Don’t Need Any Lessons From Anybody’

Pelosi attempted to explain why she tore up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech during her pre-planned SOTU temper tantrum during her weekly Thursday press conference said what she did was “entirely appropriate.”

“I tore up a manifesto of mistruths,” 

“I don’t need any lessons from anybody, especially the president of the United States, about dignity. Dignity. Is it okay to start saying four more years in the House of Representatives?

“It is unheard of for the president to insult people there who don’t share his view, as well as to misrepresent—present falsehoods, some would use the word lie, I don’t like to use the word lie, about what he was saying.

So no, I think was completely and entirely appropriate and considering some of the other exuberances within me, the courteous thing to do.”

Indeed, Trump and Pelosi acted icy toward each other during the State of the Union speech Tuesday, and with good reason, after Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats spent months trying to Impeach President Trump on their imbecilic charges.

What made Pelosi’s idiocy even more reprehensible was the fact that after ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech, Pelosi had the nerve to scold GOP Lawmakers and Trump supporters in the gallery as Totally inappropriate,” for chanting “Four More Years” on the House Floor.

“A serious breach to start shouting ‘four more years’ on the floor of the House. Totally inappropriate,” 

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