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The first competitive congressional race of the coronavirus / Obamagate era takes place today in California’s CA-25 district, where Republican Mike Garcia and Democrat Christy Smith are vying to fill the vacancy left by former Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned last year because of her throuple sex scandal.

The winner of today’s special election will serve out Hill’s current term through November when the same two candidates will be on the ballot again for a full two-year term.

The liberal leftist was thrown into a panic after polling suggested that California’s historically Democratic-leaning 25th District seat was not only a toss-up but is now is leaning Republican.

A just-completed Politico “1892 Poll” shows Republican Mike Garcia with a small-but-solid lead in the special U.S. House election Tuesday in California’s 25th District, that now has national Democrats pushing the panic button.

On Tuesday morning, no less than the Democrats stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi sent out a desperate plea to Democratic district voters not to let Trump win.

Pelosi SHOCKINGLY Acknowledged that Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith is “neck-and-neck with Trump’s Republican [Garcia] in the polls,” Pelosi emailed reliable Democratic contributors calling on them “to help Democrats protect and expand our Majority nationwide.”

According to “1892,” first-time candidate and former U.S. Navy pilot Garcia leads Smith among likely voters district-wide by 43 to 39 percent.

Much of Garcia’s appeal in the Los Angeles County district, the survey found, is based on his background as a fighter pilot. 

Among those who know he was a fighter pilot and served in the military, Garcia leads Smith by 69 to 26 percent.

California District 25 poll

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