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As a Latino here in America, I was raised around minorities. I was raised in the “hood”. As a young punk, I grew up to be nothing but a follower… pretender… and a literal NOTHING.
I pretended to be in the shoes of those refering themselfs as “victims of racism”.
Not only that, but I proceeded to hammer away white folks who the media portrayed as “racist” and “bigots”.
I grew up with hatred in my heart for America, what it stood for, and anyone who wasn’t of color.

Then Trump was announced to becoming America’s next president. Only thing that went through my mind at the time was, “Our Country is going to go to shit”, (even though i believed it already was) & not because I knew who he was, but because of what the media portrayed him to be.
I hated cops, I thought they were all racist pigs.

At one point I literally thought this place would be better off without the presence of Law Enforcement, even as my brother being a Highway Patrol Officer. Which is sad…

Short story on why I left the Democrat party. I had a friend who was a Trump Supporter. He was like a brother to me, so I didn’t care too much of what he believed in. One day he started to show me how much the media lies about Donald Trump and his agenda. At first I was kinda pissed, cause you know the automatic reaction we get from negative emotion is hate. But I started listening to him, he started to compare and highlight the differences, flaws and lies.
I was curious but didnt think much of it at that point.
Then sometime later, I did a WHOLE bunch of research and found EVERYTHING to be a LIE. Everything I believed in was a BIG LIE.

I realized that the so called “victims of racism” are the ones causing segregation. They only want their own voice to be heard, but refuse other’s rights to be exercised just because it doesn’t align to their own ideology.

I got rid of the false victim mindset and I placed a mind of my own by simply just educating myself.

And here I am. I’m a Trump Supporter… A Full on Police supporter… and LOVE MY AMERICA!!!

I’ve been spat on, harassed, have gotten my car vandalized and have been called a “traitor” and a “disgrace” by my own family because I don’t align with their lies.

Beautiful thing about America is that we have EVERY right to excersise what we believe in. This makes it the GREATEST Nation on Earth.

We CANNOT let the devilcrats win-they’re evil and twisted! They’ll burn this free Country to the ground! Lets unite and fight against this. Vote Red!

And as a firefighter, I will continue to serve and live for this Country. After all, it’s the least I can do.

Thank you for reading ❤❤
By: Noah Landell

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