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If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be making political videos in support of President Donald J Trump, I wouldn’t even be talking to you. Living in Chicago, it’s almost taboo to speak in support of him.

My WalkAway started slowly transitioning 3 ago, upon my first year of university. My Ex-Girlfriend would warn me daily to watch my back at Illinois State university because of the high population of White students. I’m not going to lie- It almost made me uncomfortable to talk to my roommate because he was white.

A day later there was an event at the Quad that my roommate wanted to go to. Almost coincidentally, my floor neighbors knocked on the door. Almost immediately I paid no attention as I heard my neighbor was a Trump supporter. So yes, I immediately thought back to the media headlines, “Trump supporters are racist, stupid, ignorant…” and the list goes on. But to my surprise, he was the one that invited me to join them going to the Quad. I almost didn’t believe them, but after conversations and a complete year with him, I had a complete different view on Trump supporters as a whole.

The frustrating part came when I was going home on breaks. As I would tell my college stories, I realized my ex-girlfriend and her mother would still tell me to watch my back. And to stop talking my Trump supporter friend, Tyler.

After my second year of college, I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, and decided to do my own research, and try to understand why I always had an objective mind. It took me finding a video from Steven Crowder, titled “Black Lives Matter Propaganda Exposed”. Me being who I am, I was open to hearing his ideas so I can combat it in my head. But it got to a point where, feelings aside, he was making really good points. As a humble man I know when I am beaten.

So I began doing more research and realized black people have been being used and abused by the Democratic party for decades! And it now amazes me how oblivious I was to it.

Fast forward to now… I now preach individuality and taking accountability. I Host a Podcast now that I talk about all things, but mostly politics, in hopes to eventually coming on radio stations and helping people to wake up and see the truth about the Democrat party.

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or both, and let’s keep posting the truth for those blinded by the Democratic party to see!

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