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by Jennifer Sasser:

This is an interesting video in which Faith Goldy is the interviewing George Hutchison, in Toronto, Canada. George Hutcheson is the Director for Western Civilization in Toronto. He’s discussing the aspect of what was taught in University, which is essentially Neo-Marxism. Wow, do we all want to be communists? George Hutchison is the Director and has a Facebook page.

On his page, he has a post, in which the inscription states:

“When we talk about multiculturalizing a country, we’re not talking about multiculturalizing an empty space, we’re talking about dismantling the culture of the preexisting society.

Therefore, a honest assessment of the multicultural project requires the acknowledgment that multiculturalism is, in part, a project of replacement, erasure and ethnocide.”

This is basically the premise of the video, that the way the universities are presenting the “Truth” is in fact, a Neo-Marxism ideology, which is communism. I have lived in Canada, in fact, most of my life has been spent in Canada. When I lived there, I didn’t know it was socialist, I just accepted what was going on there. Now, I am back in the country where I was born, and glad of it. I see different things and I see where this is all going. And I don’t think it’s going to a good place. This is also going on in Universities in the United States, and probably other countries as well.

He has a page and puts videos on it and I am presenting this to you, as a means to explore Multiculturalism as it is being basically forced on students in Canada, the United States, England and many other countries. If someone in England, says something to defend their culture, and say that another culture has no right to be superior over theirs, then, they should have that right. He states that if being racist is only a White or European tendency, in other words only White or Europeans are racist, and this is what’s wrong with our society, then, what is the solution? Is it to stifle and reduce the White, European person to be subservient to all the other cultures? Because this is where it’s going, and this is what the Universities are indoctrinating their students to believe. If Racism is a term we can use, all cultures and races can be racist. Period. Otherwise it’s not a term. In any case the word is used incorrectly, as is Nationalist, and White Supremacist, which is used against Trump supporters and the like.

Students For Western Civilization

I think, in order to preserve our Democratic Society, we must first and foremost, preserve the society that lives here, was born here, and not get into N,W.O ideologies(New World Order). There is a pervading force that would like the U.S., Canada, and other western societies to have chaos, and as a result enter in the N.W.O. and this is all part and parcel of it.

He states that the term ethnocide is more appropriate than genocide because there are no dead bodies, and I say “Yet” so far, so good.. But who knows? Take a look at South Africa, which is presently in advanced stages of White/European Genocide.

I have said this before and will say it again.. Wake up and see, what is really going on. We need to take a stand.

For more information, watch the video and view the Facebook page  (above below hat, blue lettering).

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    • Possibly but what he’s talking about is the term, and how it’s used incorrectly. As is White Supremacist and White Nationalism. Also as he mentions it shouldn’t just be whites who are racists.. that’s not right! Thanks for your comment.

  1. Very well spoken!! Well worth your time!!
    The idea that only people of white skin can be racists is wrong! Any context where any person of any skin color thinks they are superior to another of a different skin color is racists!!
    My personal opinion is that if, and I repeat IF whites are superior to all other races, then it is our responsibility to show forth and demonstrate the highest values of human interaction! The very same is true of any other race if they are truly superior all other races.
    The concept put forth in the video of it being someones fault that there are other races, bewilders logic. How did that come about? How did white people ‘create’ the other races? There are numerous references in the Scriptures of people having they skin color changed by God for whatever reasons He had in doing so. So ‘whitey’ didn’t create the different races, our Heavenly Father did.
    Given that, why is it that the white race has brought more improvements, intellectually, medically, comfort wise, innovations, teaching, health, transportation, building, communications, et al, toward improving the living state of humankind in general, than any other race? And yet all the other races, in general complain that they are left behind and therefore are being oppressed. When in reality they are reaping the benefits of all those improvements, they and their children!
    For example, the US sent geologist and engineers to the Middle East and discovered vast sources of oil! The first drilling, refineries, pipelines were stamped with US Steel. We brought immense advancements in their countries, improvements in irrigation for growing crops, buildings, hospitals, etc. by virtue of the oil they had that we discovered and developed for them. But now they are complaining that we are oppressing them!!
    Reminds me of the Mark Twain saying about the difference between man and a dog. If you take a dog and feed him and make him healthy, he will not bite you, a man will turn on you! That is the difference between a man and a dog! The MidEast countries show the truth of Mark Twain’s words.

    • yes, sorry to take so long to respond to your comment Christopher.. Busy with Christmas stuff.. The middle east hate us because we’re not them. This is something the leftists fail to see. Talk about not being diverse! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have long-argued that the word ‘racism’ needs re-defining. There is nothing inherently hateful about the word, more a way of expressing a belief in the sanctity of – yes – DIVERSITY. Immigration, inter-race marriage, multi-ethnic districts (e.g. Chinatown) are good and fine up to a point but humanity should have the presence of mind to recognise the line in the sand. It’s a question of degree. Once a culture has been subsumed it no longer exists, ergo – the COUNTRY ceases to exist.

    • Good points Cliff.. we don’t need to be cruel, but instead we can be discerning about what liberties to allow people who wish to be in our country. They can’t take over and now as in the case of this article they want to rid us of white people. This was what I was trying to show and it’s a common theme these days. The Democrats think that if they show “kindness” to the non-whites, then they will get votes. It’s all they’re after is the votes. When it comes right down to it, a lot of these politicians really don’t care about the ones they are so called being kind to. They are a means to an end. Thanks for your comment.

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