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As we reported yesterday in our article: GOOD NEWS: Coronavirus Death Toll Expected To Be Far Lower the CDC stated that America is on track to have far fewer deaths than the 100,000 to 240,000 they had previously estimated.

On Monday a frequently cited model revised the estimated coronavirus deaths from 100,000 to 240,000, down to 81,766.

The model cited by the White House was developed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Hearing that news, MSNBC resident moron Chris Hayes theorized that the Trump administration could have over-estimated the number of pandemic deaths to declare victory when the numbers came in on the low side.

Wait. What? 

When the White House announced that they estimated 100k to 240k Americans could die from the Coronavirus pandemic. The mainstream media blew a gasket over the total number of estimated deaths and roasted President Trump for it.

So in Hayes pea-brained mind Trump purposely set himself up to be lambasted by the press, in hopes for a victory later?

Hayes’ idiocy makes even less sense because how in the world would President Trump know what the final death total could be? 

The coronavirus death toll could have been just as easily higher than the 240,000. Especially since some fake news media outlets were declaring that over one million deaths were possible.

Of course, if the number of deaths exceeded 240k then Chris Hayes would have declared

Donald Trump egregiously underestimated the number of fatalities because he was hiding the truth from the American people.’

President Trump had no clue what the death count will wind up…and he still doesn’t know.

The Trump administration simply wanted to be transparent with the American people, and announce what the models were reporting.

My Lord, what President in their right mind would announce that the Coronavirus would kill almost a quarter of a million Americans?

But MSNBC’s pea-brained moron Chis Hayes Nevertheless declared:

“The most cynical interpretation of all this, one I can’t quite bring myself to accept, is they rolled out the model showing 100k deaths after they knew it would be less than that so they could anchor everyone to that # and take a victory lap when “only” tens of thousands died,” Hayes tweeted on Wednesday.

Of course, Hayes left out the 240,000 part of the estimation.

Hayes was immediately criticized by many members of the media for floating his moronic ‘Heads I Win, Tails You Lose’ Trump-Hate conspiracy theory.

“I said I can’t bring myself to accept it!” he responded to one of his critics. “But he’s been very very weird about ‘coming in under the model’ in this unnerving, disassociated way.”

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