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If you thought the way the Democrats, and their mainstream media cohorts were reprehensible in the way they portrayed Brett Kavanaugh. Then watching MSNBC Rev. Al Sharpton using Amy Coney Barrett’s children as props for his race-baiting diatribe, one thing became abundantly clear…You haven’t seen anything yet.

Mere moments after Donald Trump finished nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Saturday, as TuskerDaily reported, the liberal Democrat social media mob targeted the Barrett’s two adopted children from Haiti.

As if the left’s twittering twits repugnant tweets weren’t enough, MSNBC Democrat cohorts added to the liberal Democrats foul-smelling cesspool by speculating on the supposed secret coded messages the President was sending to racists followers.

Race-bail huckster Rev, Al Sharpton went so far as to disgustingly singled out Barrett’s children.

Using the nominee’s two adopted Black children as some sort of prop in his unhinged delusion, Sharpton sneered:

“Not to mention, that was the least diverse audience I’ve ever seen in around announcement like this. I looked around — I was glad her two kids did come out, I couldn’t find too many other people of color in that audience.” 

It was sickening to hear, but what made me more sickening was having to go through what little footage of the crowd just to show racist Al that while the majority of those attending the ceremony were white.

Al Sharpton mustn’t have looked too hard for people of color because there were more than zero, as he implied.

Believe me, I didn’t try to hard to look very hard, because it was a disgusting task that I felt I needed to shower afterward.

Watch Al Sharpton Repugnantly Using Amy Coney Barrett Kids As Race-Bait Props

People of color attending Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS ceremony

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