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MSNBC is in a tough spot having to earn their DNC paychecks and not having the debate participants being very cooperative with the Democrats’ agenda of destroying Bernie Sanders.

There’s no better time to be alive if you’re a Conservative because for the foreseeable future, we get to sit back and watch the liberals eat the progressives eating moderate Democrats and it will be, to put it mildly, simply glorious.

After a 11:00 p.m. Eastern hour Wednesday in which MSNBC couldn’t decide whether to feel pleased or upset with the feisty Democratic presidential debate, Thursday’s midnight Eastern hour took a turn toward concern that millionaire socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) emerged unscathed on what “was a great night for Donald Trump.”

As NewsBusters has documented, this has become not just a pattern but a narrative as some MSNBCers have warned not only about the dangers of far-left socialism, but how a Sanders candidacy would shred the Democratic Party and result in an electoral landslide for Trump.

One reoccurring character has been Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard. As fate would have it, she led the charge, first telling Lyin’ Brian Williams:

Well, I thought it was a great night for Bernie Sanders. I thought it was a great night for Donald Trump. I thought it was a terrible night for the Democrats….Tonight was the night to knock down Bernie and the Democrats didn’t do it. Buttigieg tried a few minutes but not effectively enough.

Williams followed by having this amusing exchange with The Root’s Jason Johnson:


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