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By Cherylynn Costner:

“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” President Trump said last August on New York’s Long Island, where MS-13 has terrorized once peaceful communities. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives.
They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.

However, comparing MS-13 to Animals would be an insult to Animals, but, there are insects that are as cruel and heartless as M16 mercenaries.
Trump has turned Attorney General Jeff Sessions loose on America’s most-feared gang, and shutting down the murderous El Salvadoran organization is a top priority. With an estimated 10,000 members in the U.S., on the streets and behind bars, the job won’t be easy.

At least there is a plan to arrest the vicious MS-13 criminals.  The part about the Liberals defending M13 and embracing them as harmless migrants, that unfortunately is complete mind control malfunction and like a loose canon makes no sense, other than it goes against Trump for the  sake of being a Never Trumper.  They must still think Hillary lost because of 60 millions Russian agents voting him in, and they hope they can find out exactly how they did it eventually.

The tweeked mind of Nancy Pelosi who thinks that Tax savings is mere crumbs also thinks M16 members need protection from police!  Why should we be surprised right?  They game is obstruction and she is a master crafts man of that!  She does not know that a fetus at 20 weeks is human.  How seriously can her words be taken when she can’t tell the difference between humans, animals and demonic killers who the Penal Codes were designed to protect American from their evil methods of dominance and destruction?

MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha), a primarily El Salvador-based gang that started in Los Angeles, was believed to have about 10,000 members across the country at that time and Central America. They were known for hacking enemies to death, executing people in broad daylight in view of witnesses, and fatally beating people with bats.  Crumbs, Bats, at this point, what difference does it make?  Well, let’s look at some of the brutal murders.  Real Life Matters!

►In 2013, two gang members beat and hacked a 16-year-old Houston teen to death using bats and machetes. They also almost decapitated him, the Houston Chronicle reported. The gang suspected he had shared information with El Salvadoran police. Both killers were sentenced 35 years in prison. Both were from El Salvador, here illegally. One had been picked up previously on an immigration charge, a common thread for the gang. That’s why it comes up in the context of sanctuary city round tables.

►In 2017, as many as 10 MS-13 members stabbed a man more than 100 times in Maryland. They decapitated him and cut out his heart. The first suspect charged, who allegedly stabbed first, was Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, of El Salvador, who was here illegally.

►Also last year, MS-13 members shot an unidentified girl who was thought to be 15 in the head and chest, leaving her body in the middle of a busy street in Houston’s Chinatown. The murderer said he killed her to appease Satan. “The beast did not want a material offering, but wanted a soul,” he said. He was from El Salvador originally, and here illegally.

Way back in 2003, Brenda Paz was famously murdered by MS-13 after cooperating with police as an informant. CBS News’ Dan Rather reported on the slaying.

Rather reported that MS-13 conducted “investigations” and held meetings where they went over things like recruitment, drug sales and murder. A “greenlight” was unanimously agreed upon to assassinate Paz at such a meeting. Paz was lured to a fishing trip with her boyfriend, who along with his fellow gang member stabbed her to death in front of a witness.

The list goes on:

►In 2017, four gang members were arrested for a spree of 10 murders in Las Vegas.

►In 2014, MS-13 “enforcers” were deployed by a cartel to kidnap and torture teenagers in St. Paul.

►In 2012, Dennis Gil-Bernardez, a Honduran native and a leader in the gang, was sentenced to 80 years for, among many other crimes, stabbing a man to death on a street in Washington, D.C.

►Four men were hacked to death on Long Island, N.Y.

►A 15-year-old girl was tortured, had a tattoo cut off, and then was stabbed to death.

The documentation of the gang’s brutality is long and horrifying. Murder, torture, rape, dismemberment, mutilation. These are heinous acts, and we’re meant to know it. They are committed for that reason, to shock and terrorize, silence and warn. MS-13 means for you to be repelled and horrified.

Calling the people who commit these acts “animals” doesn’t dehumanize them. Their actions dehumanize them. Just because the president has said bad things about immigrants in the past is no reason to condemn him today.

Whatever you think about the president, it’s not responsible or reasonable to object when the President Trump tells the truth about a brutal street gang.

George Soros was a NAZI, so no, we should not be surprised when the politicians sucking on his titties sees no problem in keeping their mercenaries comfortable and on the loose.

While President Trump tries to protect us from violent criminal crime organizations we need to protect him so he can do his best for us.  The mid-term elections are around the corner and it is time to get active.  Vote republican and support our President as much as you can.  If we do not want to be treated like animals but the hornets from hell, then stand up for your right to pursuit of Happiness while you still can.

America is free because people like us took a stand and fought for our freedom.  Let’s not let the Anti-American fascists take it away.

Keep America Great!

Together we can protect the streets and restore Justice for All!!

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