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California isn’t getting a dime for their highways until they clean up the “worst air quality in the United States.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler sent a letter on Tuesday, notifying California lawmakers that their state’s failure to “carry out its most basic tasks under the Clean Air Act” has put its highway funding in jeopardy.

Wheeler wrote to the state’s Air Resources Board to notify them officially that they are in violation of “air pollution control plans mandated by federal law.” Wheeler added that “unless the state takes action” on about 130 different smog violations, the EPA would start the “disapproval process” leading to billions of highway dollars being withheld. Around $19 billion is at stake.

Golden State officials have until October 10 to respond. The Administration is also looking into ways of revoking California’s authority to set emissions standards.

The EPA is also expected to hit the Bay Area around Nancy Pelosi’s district of San Fransisco with massive fines for allowing hazardous waste to wash into the ocean.

Because of the out of control homelessness problem, San Francisco is in “total violation” of federal regulations.

Wheeler mentioned in his letter that despite all their green schemes, California was unable to clean up their own air and that 34 million Californians were at risk of adverse health reactions directly because of their “decades of lapses in environmental monitoring.”

As Wheeler notes, “our foremost concern must be ensuring clean air for all Americans. That is our goal.”

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