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President Donald Trump kicked over a hornet’s nest last week after criticizing American lawmakers for their unpatriotic attitudes but he’s totally right. The American people need to see just how unhinged some of our elected members of Congress are.

For instance, Here are two separate views of Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being dragged out of a Trump speech at the Detroit Economic Club in 2016, before she was elected to Congress. Detroit is known for it’s own special brand of Muslim economics these days.

The first clip shows Trump’s speech being interrupted, as Tlaib is chased down the seating aisle by security and dragged from the room.

Trump noted that Bernie Sanders’ crew of protesters had “far more energy and spirit.”

The next clip picks up where the first one left off, showing a hysterically deranged Tlaib being pulled straight at the camera as she’s thrown out of the meeting. She can’t resist calling all the somber executives in business suits trying to listen to Trump’s speech, “crazy.”

“You’re an animal. Get a job,” someone yells back.

Conservative commentator Chris Donaldson observes, “there is no way to describe this other than the woman is full of aggression, jacked up on hate and on the edge of lunacy.”

At least 14 protesters were removed from the Cobo Center in Detroit, including Tlaib, who was between government jobs at the time. Formerly a state lawmaker representing Detroit, Michigan, she lost a Senate campaign in 2014.

some of the demonstrators stood on chairs and yelled such earth-shattering accusations as “tiny hands, tiny hands.” “Racist,” yelled one. “Boo, boo, shame on you,” announced another liberal poet.

The actual audience loved the speech, applauded the removal of the protesters and at the end, gave Donald Trump a standing ovation.

Beth Chappell, president and CEO of the Detroit Economic Club, apologized for the incident. The members only event had been “fraudulently” infiltrated.

A 23-year-old man applied for a new membership under the name of a “very reputable company.” The only problem was they had fired him two years before. He brought the rest in as guests.

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Shortly after Tlaib managed to infiltrate Congress, she made headlines for calling the president a “motherf*cker.” You can take the girl out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl. Even when you elect her to congress.

In October of last year, while still a candidate, she went berserk and was arrested at the Fight for $15 Rally. Another video shows her banging on a table as a cop slaps her in cuffs.

“This is what Democracy looks like,” she chants along with the crowd. This is what a Muslim Congresswoman looks like, the videos say.

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