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President Donald Trump told reporters in New Jersey on Tuesday that he wants a “full investigation” into how Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to hang himself in a federal detention facility.

“Basically what we’re saying is we want an investigation. I want a full investigation, and that’s what I absolutely am demanding. That’s what our attorney general, our great attorney general is doing. He’s doing a full investigation.”

Attorney General William Barr already promised to continue the investigation even after Epstein’s death, to follow up on the conspiracy aspects at the very least.

President Trump also steadfastly defended the controversial retweet he sent out that links Epstein’s suicide to the Clintons and the “body count conspiracy.” The President notes “The retweet was from somebody that is a very respected conservative pundit so I think that was fine.”

Reporters interviewing him outside his Bedminster golf club asked if he believed that “Clinton had anything to do with Epstein’s death.” Trump replied that he didn’t know. One thing he did know was that Epstein had his own private island “where bad things” happened. He wonders, “Did Bill Clinton go to the island?”

Now that Epstein is dead. One of the last journalists to interview him has released parts of an interview that he was required to keep off the record. New York Times reporter James B. Stewart interviewed Epstein in his Manhattan playboy mansion about a year ago. “The overriding impression I took away from our roughly 90-minute conversation was that Mr. Epstein knew an astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people, and had photos to prove it,” Stewart reveals.

“He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing, including details about their supposed sexual proclivities and recreational drug use.” A couple of the pictures hanging on the wall included Bill Clinton and Woody Allen.

Epstein was especially forthcoming about his preference for very young girls, and insisted there was nothing wrong with it. In his mind it was similar to homosexuality and equally acceptable.

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“He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable. He pointed out that homosexuality had long been considered a crime and was still punishable by death in some parts of the world.”

Two of the guards who weren’t watching Epstein have been re-assigned. It turns out that one of them isn’t even a real guard, just a warm body fill-in. The Warden, Lamine N’diaye, has been replaced by James Petrucci, the warden of the federal prison in Otisville, New York.

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