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The liberal media outlets have been in a feeding frenzy, just like sharks in blood infested waters, ever since President Donald Trump dared to suggest that if America hating congresswomen didn’t like it here they could leave.

When his rally crowd in North Carolina started chanting “send her back” about Ilhan Omar, liberals came unglued. That’s racist! You can’t say that.

The press had a field day pointing out that three of the four people Trump told to “go back where they came from,” were born here in the U.S.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot and the media are rushing to cover just about anything else. CNN is running “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘I am very much alive'” for instance.

Donald Trump Jr. did his homework and uncovered a rare tweet from Rashida Tlaib that she made back in 2015. Talk about total hypocrisy. Rashida Tlaib has been absolutely furious, and every progressive in America has taken her side of the controversy, yet she is guilty of exactly what she’s accusing the president of doing.

“That’s awkward. It’s like their whole narrative just disappeared… but you all know no one will cover it,” Trump Jr. posted.

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, The Guardian ran a story about Donald Trump calling for a “total and complete shutdown’ of borders to Muslims.

Tlaib posted the story, commenting, “Deport this a$$ho!e.”

Trump didn’t even call for Tlaib to be thrown out. He said she could leave. On her own. Tlaib went the extreme route. She wants to throw him out of his own country.

Another thing you won’t hear anyone talking about is that Trump’s idea made a lot of sense at the time. He wasn’t talking about a permanent ban, only long enough to sort out who’s safe and who’s not.

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Trump knew he was going to take heat. he noted his proposal was “probably not politically correct, but I don’t care.”

“Sharia authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women.”

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The week before, an ISIS inspired couple Syed Farook and his partner Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people and wounded 17 others before leading police on a car chase. Most of those injured and killed were co-workers of Syed Farook at a county health facility.

They were eventually “intercepted and a gun battle with more than 20 officers left their dark SUV riddled with bullets and both suspects dead.”

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