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As CNN hosted the Democrat primary candidates for a climate change town hall, President Donald Trump went on twitter to set the record straight.

Liberal progressives are convinced that the planet is dying and it’s all the fault of greenhouse gases. They’ll never forgive the President for pulling us out of the Paris Accord, even though most of them don’t understand a single thing about how the Eurocentric scheme was supposed to work. Instead of generating a reduction in carbon emissions as advertised, it was a way to create money out of not-so-thin air by trading “carbon credits” to offset intentional pollution and allow it to continue unabated.

President Trump started his tweetstorm off Wednesday night by reminding everyone that the U.S. isn’t the problem. We have been fighting the battle successfully since the 1970’s. China is the real problem. “America has the ‘largest carbon emission reduction’ in the world. China has ‘dumped the most carbon into the air.’ 91% of the world is exposed to air pollution above the World Health Organization’s suggested level, but ‘none are in the USA.'”

Because we’re finally tapping into some of our huge reserves of natural gas and shale oil, the U.S. “now leads the world in energy production,” Trump wrote. Meanwhile, the U.S. still has “the world’s cleanest and safest air and water.”

Democrats don’t want to hear that. All they want to do is cripple the economy. As Trump expressed it, “Democrats do not care about poverty if they raise your energy bill and prices at the pump with their destructive ‘environmental’ proposals.”

Addressing the Paris Agreement, President Trump called it “badly flawed,” and noted how all it does is protect polluters, hurt Americans, and cost a fortune. “Not on my watch,” he promised.

President Trump wants clean air and water as much as everybody but it’s not our job to clean up the whole planet by ourselves. “I want crystal clean water and the cleanest and the purest air on the planet – we’ve now got that!”

Over at CNN, the top 10 Democratic White House hopefuls wrangled in circles for a full seven hours. As even the left-leaning Wall Street Journal reported, the candidates were allowed “40-minute blocks” to present their polices, “which are estimated to cost trillions and cripple the economy.”

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