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The Dallas, Texas trial of Amber Guyger ended the first week of testimony with evidence presented directly by the Defendant.

The prosecution took full advantage of her testimony to poke holes in her story looking for inconsistencies. He found some.

Botham Jean was alone in his apartment, eating ice cream and watching television when Guyger approached his front door. The officer was not on duty and responding to a report, she was on her way home after a nearly 14 hour shift. She was planning on hooking up with her married partner for a date as soon as she had a shower.

Her relationship with Martin Rivera “was on and off because Rivera was married.” She admits exchanging “flirtatious texts” the day of the shooting but both of them deleted their copies.

With her mind on other things, she had no idea she had parked on the wrong floor and was about to enter an apartment that wasn’t hers.

She didn’t notice the 14 on all the door numbers that should have said 13. She didn’t notice that there was suddenly a red door mat in front of her door where she normally had bare concrete. She didn’t notice her neighbor’s prominent decorative planter was missing. She didn’t notice the smell of marijuana coming from what she thought was her apartment.

All Amber Guyger noticed that night was when she stuck her key card in the slot, the door was already ajar. Instantly she assumed she was being burglarized and drew her service revolver.

Inconsistent with the facts, Guyger claims she heard “shuffling” inside the apartment when she opened the door. Then she “saw a silhouette of a person in the dark.” According to the former officer, “I knew someone was moving around inside my apartment so I wanted just to find that threat.”

She claims she issued orders. “Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!” Guyger claims that Jean “began walking toward her quickly and yelled, ‘hey, hey, hey.” That’s when she shot him. She claims he had an “aggressive tone.”

Neighbors never heard the commands, even though Guyger maintains she used a loud voice. The prosecutor suggests maybe she only thought she gave the orders. “I can’t tell you why [they didn’t hear the commands,” Guyger testified, to which the prosecutor responded, “it’s because you didn’t say it.”

Another glaring discrepancy is that the angle of the bullet shows that it was on a downward angle, suggesting that “Jean may have been bent over or on his back when Guyger shot him.”

She admits that when she pulled the trigger she was shooting to kill. She didn’t have any good answers when the prosecutor asked her why she didn’t simply back out and call for help. She also has no idea why she didn’t use the “combat gauze” in her backpack, or anything else in her first aid kit. “It didn’t even cross my mind.”

Guyger testified she “started to do chest compressions,” but “had to step outside into the hallway when asked what apartment number she was in.” You would have expected her just to rattle off her address since that’s where she thought she was. She claims that’s the first time she realized she was in the wrong apartment.

Prosecutors made special note to inform the jury her uniform was clean and her gloves were unused.

Testimony will resume on Monday with the Defense calling the rest of their witnesses.

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