Military Families Frightened By Misleading Media Reports

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President Donald Trump’s administration announced a minor change in the rules on Wednesday, concerning “automatic” citizenship for the children of some military families. The way that the media portrayed it sent service members around the globe into a frenzy of confusion.

Liberal network media slanted an otherwise harmless story to make it seem that President Trump is a meanie. The propaganda is obvious. They presented the issue to intentionally emphasize the “difficulty” that “children of some U.S. service members and U.S. government employees living abroad,” would have in becoming citizens. Facebook lit up like a Christmas tree with comments.

“Under this new rule, neither of my children would be US citizens,” one overseas serviceman writes. He was smart enough not to take the MSM at face value. “Further research on my part has shown this might be fake news,” he updated in comments. He’s still not convinced. “I’m still looking into this, but the real question is, if they’re not U.S. citizens then what country are they a citizen of?”

The serviceman understands the underlying basis of the law change isn’t something that Trump invented on his own. “You’re not automatically German if you’re born in Germany. Neither are you British if you’re born in England. I know this to be true first hand.”

Another social media user has related concerns that are a little more specific. “Looks like if you have been out of the country longer then 5 years you are effected. I know a lot of people doing consecutive overseas tours. This would impact them.”

One Navy officer said that the coverage was putting “serious stress” on military spouses. “You should go onto a spouse Facebook page and see the freakouts,” the officer told CNN.

Despite all the fear brought about by the media reports, only a handful of individuals are affected, about 100 each year. Also, the policy change does not make anyone “ineligible” for citizenship, it just means they don’t get it “automatically.”

The Department of State has a rule which explicitly gives U.S. residency credit to “spouses” of service members who were living outside the United States, because the member is legally considered residing in the U.S.

They intentionally didn’t give that privilege to the children of those service members. “No similar provision was included for children of U.S. armed forces members,” a Customs and Immigration Service spokesman explained. In the acquisition of citizenship, “context is significant.” The official assures, “This policy aligns USCIS’ process with the Department of State’s procedure, that’s it.”

He clarified to the press that the new change only affects the children of migrants. Specifically, “the children of naturalized U.S. citizens serving in the armed forces who have not lived in the U.S. for a required period of time.” He also notes, “the latest policy guidance doesn’t make anyone ineligible for citizenship.” It only means, “these children will no longer be considered to have acquired citizenship automatically.”

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