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Ted Nugent is convinced that Muslims have his home city of Detroit in a stranglehold. It breaks his heart, he told Laura Ingraham on Wednesday.

“I was born in Detroit,” the former National Rifle Association president began. “You know Laura, Michigan was the arsenal of democracy. It was the epicenter of work ethic and pride of productivity when I was born in ’48. But, unfortunately it’s turned into a suburb of San Francisco now politically and it just breaks my heart.”

All the blue states are going downhill. “Politically, those states don’t even qualify as America anymore. It’s just heartbreaking.”

After Michigan elected a herd of Democrats, including Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib — who represents Detroit, Nugent declared the state just another “California s***hole.” The election results, he felt, amounted to “insane cultural suicide.” He went on to tell a local news station, “this is not the Michigan I was born in.”

Just down the road from Detroit, Dearborn, Michigan is the mosque known as “the Islamic Center of America.” The traveling exhibition “Halal Metropolis” is currently making a stop there. It’s billed as “a series of traveling exhibitions that explores the Muslim experience in Detroit and southeastern Michigan, looking at street-scapes, spoken word traditions, marketing displays and more.” The area is renowned for “one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in North America.”

The Muslim community would love to initiate sharia law but they already came to the conclusion they can’t do it directly. So they chip away at it. Official looking cars with red and white emergency lights patrol the neighborhoods around New York mosques. It won’t be long before they spread to Michigan. “The Muslim Community Patrol” is self-funded. One of the group’s co-founders calls it “security on steroids.”

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Muslims don’t trust American law enforcement. “There’s still a deeply ingrained fear and suspicion within the community. Many are wary of a continued police presence at their places of worship,” BBC writes.

Namira Islam, a Michigan-based lawyer and community activist, wants the community to explore private options for security “instead of relying on police and federal agencies.” She does “not feel safer seeing armed police in front of mosque doors. I do not feel safer with federal agents attending my events.”

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