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An official with the Trump administration credits Mexico and Central American countries for a drastic drop in border detentions. Latin America has been more helpful than liberals here in the United States.

Border arrests have been slashed drastically, down 56% this year, Reuters reports, in spite of Democrat efforts supported by progressive judges to hamper President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

According to Mark Morgan, the acting chief of the Customs and Border Protection Agency, 64,000 people were stopped at the border this August. That’s still an invasion but it’s down almost one fourth from July. For years, Central Americans have been promised a paradise north of the border as long as they said Barack Obama’s magic word, “asylum.”

President Trump’s administration is doing their best to shut the floodgates, while at the same time, getting the word out that having an unstable country isn’t a good enough reason to claim special rights.

For the past few years, Mexican migrants have been replace by natives of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the so called Northern Triangle. As soon as President Trump threatened to bill Mexico by slapping tariffs on their goods, they decided to cooperate. Mexico rallied their National Guard to defend their own southern border with Guatemala, and took in hundreds of invaders on the Mexican side of the U.S. border until their claims can be processed.

“The Northern Triangle countries, specifically, along with the government of Mexico, have really joined the United States as true partners for the first time,” Morgan explains.

While having nothing but praise for Mexico and their Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, Morgan wasn’t so enthusiastic about U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar. On Monday, the left-leaning activist judge ruled that President Trump isn’t allowed to do his Constitutionally defined job. Immigrants cannot be required to apply for asylum in a country they pass through on the way to the United States before applying here.

More was livid about the “unprecedented judicial activism.” Every time the administration sets a policy to “address this crisis, we end up getting enjoined. It’s very, very frustrating, but we’re just going to keep going.”

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