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The Democrat level of panic blasted off the scale when President Donald Trump announced plans to “investigate the investigators,” behind what now seems certain to be a failed coup attempt.

Decades of globalist social engineering are swirling down the drain as, one-by-one, the president’s policy initiatives go into action. According to Laura Ingraham, the Democrat’s latest plan amounts to “tyranny disguised as democracy.”

The plots orchestrated by Barack Obama’s most senior administrators to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump, followed by Robert Muller’s witch hunt into made up Russian Collusion — which was pre-planned before the election as an “insurance policy,” are now being deeply probed by Attorney General William Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

The Democrats have only one hope for a future, remove President Trump from office before their leaders and operatives all end up in jail… or worse. The penalty for treason is still death.

The Blue team knows they have very little chance of winning an un-rigged election, especially after they lost one that looks very suspiciously rigged. Impeachment is one possibility to regain control of the situation but it isn’t a very promising one. No matter how much support Democrats have in the House, they don’t control the Senate.

Their only other hope is to find a way to circumvent the constitution and eliminate the electoral college. There is a slim chance a Democrat candidate could win the popular vote, where blue states have the edge based on population counts, but they realize they’ll never win under the electoral college system spelled out in our Constitution.

Ingraham opened her show Thursday saying, “many of them have been frustrated in their efforts to stop Trump through investigations and threats of impeachment, so some are now pursuing other ways to ensure that he and anyone like him doesn’t get elected again –through the push to abandon the electoral college.”

The arguments they are using to support that strategy are just plain “wrong,” Ingraham insists. What they are attempting amounts to “tyranny disguised as a democracy.”

“California has a population of 40 million people. West Virginia has about 2 million. How would that state have any meaningful say in this new system? Without the electoral college, we essentially will be living in something akin to a tyranny disguised as a democracy with a handful of liberal states making all the decisions for the rest of us.”

California is one of the states, Ingraham points out, that have a “super-Democrat majority.” We all know they want sanctuary cities, outrageous taxes, and “regulating anything that moves.” Those priorities are a lot different, the conservative host notes, than the attitudes of folks in heartland states like Georgia or Indiana, adding it’s crucial for “flyover country” to be included in the political process.

“If the left believes it has to upend the entire constitutional structure to quash the influence of flyover country, whether it’s court-packing, lowering the voting age, or axing the electoral college, they’ll do it.”

Ingraham went on to conclude:

“‘Small Town, USA’ is every bit as American as New York and L.A. and they should have a say in our government.”

Fasten your seat-belts folks, We’re still a little over a year away from the ballot box and the next few months are going to be a very wild ride.

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