Justice Ginsburg ‘Far Exceeded’ Bill Clinton’s ‘Expectations’

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Bill Clinton looked a little awestruck at the “rock star reception” Ruth Bader Ginsburg got Tuesday night in Arkansas. The crowd in Verizon Arena went wild as video of Ginsburg’s swearing-in dominated the stage. Clinton had the honor of introducing the Justice he appointed as the audience chanted “RBG.” Notorious RBG was in the house.

Clinton wanted to assure the aging justice he always liked her. “I liked her and believed in her. I just knew she was the right person for the court.” She kept the bench tilted so far left that papers kept sliding off the end. “I have to say over the past 26 years she has far exceeded my expectations.”

Never in his wildest fantasies would he have imagined “the pop culture status.” She has both movie and documentary credits, as well as a hit album. Notorious RBG coffee mugs and T-shirts are all over the interweb. Ginsburg couldn’t resist a little flirting with the playboy president. She was grinning from ear to ear as she playfully quipped that while some men had a “certain discomfort talking to a woman, that was not the way with President Clinton.”

Nobody wants to face the fact that soon she’ll be gone, especially because it’s looking more and more likely that President Donald Trump will get the chance to pick her replacement. She’s been out on tour to prove to the world she’s still alive. Tuesday’s speech was only the latest since her pancreatic cancer treatment was revealed. “I’m pleased to say that I am feeling very good tonight,” Ginsburg assured her fans. “Instead of dwelling on my physical discomforts, if I have an opinion to write or a brief to read, I know I’ve just got to get it done and so I have to get over it.”

Clinton couldn’t help bringing it up. “All of us hope that she will stay on the court forever,” Clinton declared, underscoring the fact that everybody knows that’s never going to happen. Or, could it?

Democrats are rumored to be secretly working on a plan to keep her alive and well for as long as it takes to keep her on the bench until all the Trumps are out of the White House. They have a life support system standing by to maintain full functionality as “Darth Bader.”

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