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After years of unsuccessfully torturing republican witnesses for non-existent evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, the Democrats have tossed the entire investigation out the window.

Instead they are focusing like a laser on the phone call President Trump had with the newly elected leader of the Ukraine. They want you to think that the big deal is the part that concerns Joe Biden. They tap-dance around the rest, hoping — since Democrats don’t pray — that nobody will notice the part about “Crowdstrike.”

When you take a hard look at the history of the underlying controversy, it’s easy to see that Democrats are scared. They are terrified that hard evidence will finally surface. Evidence that proves without a doubt that it wasn’t the Russians who hacked the DNC, it was a family from Pakistan.

The only way they can prevent the proof from seeing the light of day is by getting rid of both President Trump and Attorney General William Barr. One way or another. A basic USB thumb drive loaded with the free Ubuntu operating system is all it takes to turn an average computer user into Guccifer x.x.

on June 12, 2016, Julian Assange announced he had some “emails related to Hillary Clinton.” Their authenticity was never questioned and led to the resignations of both Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna Brazile.

Two days later, Democrats “discovered” their servers were compromised and made sure to mention “Trump opposition research.” That would be excerpts from Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier.

The day after that, the Clinton influenced cyber security firm, Crowdstrike, conveniently “updates” a prior report with evidence suggesting the responsible malware originated with Russians.

The same day, Guccifer 2.0 was born. Appearing in a basic word press blog, the cyber-entity took full credit for the leaks. He then posted documents laced with things relating back to Russia. The first thing he turns loose just happens to be the opposition research teased by dems the day before.

Security experts were convinced this indicates a clear attempt at a preemptive strike to “associate Russia with anything WikiLeaks might have been about to publish and to ‘show’ that it came from a Russian hack.” It looks now like an attempt to cover up for Imran Awan.

The FBI never performed forensic analysis on any of the first Guccifer 2.0 releases and the hand picked Crowdstrike security analysts, who did the assessment for the Obama administration, didn’t mention any forensic evidence in their report, just opinion.

Bill Binney, who used to be Technical Director for the NSA, insisted “he built the capability allowing the NSA to trace each and every packet of information to see where it went.”

If the DNC had been hacked, he says you can bet they would have precise details down to the second confirming the hack. “NSA simply do not have the event – because there wasn’t one,” he says. “This set-up should have detected where the packets went and when they went there.” The democratic bigwigs refused to allow access to their servers.

A basic USB thumb drive loaded with the free Ubuntu operating system is all it takes to turn an average computer user into Guccifer x.x.

It’s possible that one of the backup servers is or was located in the Ukraine, and that is what President Trump asked the Ukraine President to “do him a favor” and look into. Volodymyr Zelensky said they already were, because it concerned corruption in his own country.

Back in 2016, one industry analyst going under the name forensicator concluded there are many solid facts clearly showing the information came from someone with physical access to a DNC machine and proves the documents were leaked from the inside rather than hacked from the outside. Imran Awan or one of the friends and relatives who worked with him may have been the one who did it.

Time stamps on the files prove the material was accessed during a fourteen minute period starting at 6:45 pm, Eastern Standard Time. Both the time and the time zone are nailed down tight with forensic evidence. The speed of the transfer confirms that the data moved way too fast to have gone across the internet. Instead, the transfer rate indicates a basic file transfer to a flash drive.

Any Windows based computer can be compromised with a flash drive containing the Ubuntu operating system set to load on boot. All you have to do is stick it in a drive. Power down the machine and when it powers back up, you are running Ubuntu.

The Awan family was given full approval to tiptoe through the Democrat Caucus Computers.

Windows files are all fully visible and accessible, without a password. You can grab what you want, pull out the flash, reboot the machine and it is back to normal. All the files you need are in your pocket.

About twenty megabytes of data were transferred in 14 minutes. Not all that data shows up later, indicating that certain things were singled out for release. There is additional strong evidence that the whole thing was grabbed in one piece then edited later.

In late July, 2018, FBI Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein released a report from the Attorney General’s Cyber Digital Task Force. Several top cyber specialists made a fast break for the exit.

David Resch, the executive assistant director in charge of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch retired. His assistant, Scott Smith, quit too. Executive Assistant Director Carl Gahttas also stepped down as head of the National Security Branch. Howard Marshall, Smith’s deputy was already gone.

Buried on page 122 of Rosenstein’s report appears to be the reason why Imran Awan was never prosecuted for any of his outrageous crimes. For employees who exceed “authorized access,” it can only be a crime if there is no legitimate reason to “access” the information. What happens to it later cannot even be considered.

He can’t be charged with treason or espionage after breaking into Congressional computers, stealing equipment, and sending all the laptops stuffed with classified data back to Pakistan, because he was the designated IT guy for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and several other high ranking Democrats.

“If the CFAA can be used only against outsiders with no right at all to access computers, many insider threats – including those in the intelligence and law enforcement communities with access to extremely sensitive information – may go unpunished.”

The Awan family was given full approval to tiptoe through the Democrat Caucus computers as well as the ones run by dozens of lawmakers. Legally, what Rosenstein wrote in his report suggests that sending all that information off to Pakistan isn’t really a crime.

As far as the “12 Russian hackers” who are taking the heat for raiding the server of the Democratic National Committee,” There simply isn’t any evidence they did it.

There is plenty of evidence that these individuals tried to access computers and were occasionally successful but there isn’t anything that actually ties them to the hack attributed to Guccifer 2.0 as Democrats would like you to believe.

“You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server?” President Trump asked a year ago. “Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee?”

“I’ve been asking it for months and months. Where is the server? I want to know where is the server and what is the server saying?”

Now that President Trump is asking about it again, suddenly, it’s grounds for impeachment.

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