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The full scope and reach of the Clinton machine is finally coming to light, as the American public demands to know exactly what was going on in Obama’s Department of Justice.

Not only was Hillary Clinton granted what amounts to a “get out of jail free card” from former Director James Comey and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, she also paid for the infamous Steele dossier. She possibly was the one calling all the shots, directing the entire Russia collusion caper from behind the scenes.

If the accusations are ever verified, it could turn out to be “the most devious political dirty trick in American history.”

Hillary Clinton served as a U.S. senator before she lost her first presidential campaign to Barack Obama. Within a week of the election, she was offered the Secretary of State job.

At the time, everyone insisted that her family’s Clinton Foundation wasn’t a conflict of interest, even though there were rumors hinting that a donation to the charity went a long way toward getting business meetings arranged with Clinton and her minions.

When people started questioning the arrangement, the State Department made her sign an agreement with the foundation “to avoid the overt appearance of ‘pay-to-play’ policy,” The Hill’s John Solomon reports.

Even after the agreement, millions of dollars were pumped into the charity from all over the globe. Speculation has been rampant that those donations indicate that the contributors expected something in return.

It has been reported extensively that Hillary Clinton’s campaign, working directly with the Democrat Party, used the law firm that both entities shared to pay for Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier. The file was clearly meant, as Solomon relates, to implicate Donald Trump “as a treasonous asset colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin to hijack the U.S. election.”

Almost everything that Steele produced has been discredited and the few things that weren’t actually false, were unimportant.

The Clinton cabal appears to have been well aware they were bending — if not actually breaking — the rules, so they did some fancy footwork to hide the paper trail. As The Hill reports:

“That’s why it did backflips to disguise the operation from Congress and the public, and in its Federal Election Commission (FEC) spending reports.”

The Perkins Coie law firm quietly hired Fusion GPS, run by Glenn Simpson, who in turn brought Steele, a former spy for British intelligence, on board. The shells were necessary, Solomon points out, to provide “several layers that obfuscated transparency, kept the operation off the campaign’s public FEC reports and gave the Clinton’s plausible deniability.

Steele was unsuccessful at getting the FBI fully motivated so more Clinton associates were called in. Nellie Ohr not only worked at Fusion GPS, her husband, Bruce Ohr, was a senior official in the DOJ. He met with Steele then proceeded to hype the scandalous materials to the top echelon at the FBI. His wife Nellie also passed some juicy tidbits along through the same channel.

Meanwhile, one of the Perkins Coie attorneys, Michael Sussmann, went directly to James Baker, former FBI general counsel, to promote Steele’s dossier. To keep the heat on, both Steele and another Clinton underling, Cody Shearer, dropped in on the State Department to talk about the file.

Clinton interests pressured the FBI until they finally caved in and started an investigation, which seems to have been conducted by the FBI branch of the “Hillary Clinton Fan Club,” including Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe.

About then, the press leaks started. Steele, Simpson, and DOJ insiders including Page and Strzok all leaked information to the press, “to ensure it would hurt Trump politically.” Simpson is quoted as calling the planted reports, a “hail Mary.” Fortunately, it didn’t work — Trump won the election.

Since Robert Mueller’s final report on the outcome of the witch hunt has been released, the public knows, “the Russia-collusion allegations relentlessly peddled by Team Clinton were bogus.”

It seems there are some real crimes to investigate now. As John Solomon puts it, “the FBI used the Clinton-funded, foreign-created research to get a total of four warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, transition and presidency from October 2016 through the following autumn.”

To put it another way, this means that Barack Obama’s justice department was “weaponized” and used against a political opponent. Because the bogus investigation continued as Mueller’s special counsel probe, it rises to an even higher level — an attempt to overthrow the President of the United States. This is called a “coup d’état,” or simply “coup” for short.

This scandal is expected to make “Watergate look like a third-rate burglary.”

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