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Instead of heading back to California’s Camp Pendleton after his three day leave, in Surprise, Arizona, Lance Corporal Job Wallace made a run for the Texas border, with automatic weapons. The voices in his head told him to “get rid of child traffickers at the border.”

An internal FBI situation report was leaked from the Phoenix Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to independent news outlet The Young Turks, by “a federal official who requested anonymity to avoid professional reprisal.”

The official “wanted to warn people of a potential impending danger.” The FBI had solid information that Wallace “is armed, and with a specific message to hurt people, and we know it. Why we have not released that information, I will never understand.”

Wallace returned home to Surprise for a visit with his family then went “camping.” His mom was convinced that everything was fine at Camp Pendleton. Stacy Wallace relates that “he got into several colleges and missed scholarship opportunities just so that he could be a Marine, because he felt it was his duty to serve his country.”

She told reporters that officials told her that “her son’s phone was last pinged” by the FBI surveillance planes that circle the Surprise area on Monday night. He was still in Arizona. Tuesday morning, a Border Patrol surveillance camera “spotted his truck the next morning traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 near Fort Hancock Texas, southeast of El Paso.

That’s when they learned that “an automatic rifle, an M14 rifle, a semi-automatic shotgun, and a 9mm pistol, all belonging to Wallace, were reported missing.”

The FBI bulletin mentions that two individuals reported that “just prior to Wallace’s disappearance,” he claimed to be hearing voices. That could indicate the guys he just went camping with. “Wallace indicated he has been dissatisfied with his life in the Marine Corps and had mentioned on multiple occasions his desire to travel to Mexico to ‘take out’ cartel members and traffickers.”

This past July, Eighteen United States Marines and one Navy sailor were dramatically arrested in parade formation at Camp Pendleton. They were charged with conspiracy and transporting illegal aliens.

On Tuesday, they also determined that Wallace “has given away or abandoned several valuable persona items recently… [and] cleared all personal belongings from his room at Camp Pendleton.”

After almost five days, Wallace was taken into custody on Saturday night by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and officers from the Corsicana Police. According to a Navarro County Sheriff Department statement, the arrest happened at a rest stop.

“A half dozen NCIS agents flew across the country on military transports, following leads that always put them one step behind the missing Marine,” Corsicana Chief of Police Robert Johnson explains. “The Agents had been working 48 hours straight with no sleep as they followed leads that led them from Camp Pendleton to Arizona, El Paso, DFW and Corsicana.”

Wallace’s family was relieved he was captured without incident. “Our focus throughout the past five days since Job was reported missing was to do whatever it took to find our son, and we are profoundly relieved he is safe. Our children are everything to us.”

Wallace is expected to be transported back to Camp Pendleton “to receive medical treatment.”

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